Women’s Sports Bra With Pockets For Diabetes Devices


Women Top Sport-Bra – with 3 integrated pockets for your insulin pump, insulin pen, diabetes manager, glucose meter, snack, or whatever you may need!


Three integrated pockets placed vertically, on front, on the right and on the left side. The pocket has a wrap-around opening to be used for opening and closing the pocket from the outside.


Colour: Black


Please note, this product is large in size. Please consider ordering one size smaller.


Pocket Model: Boxi2. The pocket has also an opening for the tubing from the inside. The tubing is easily placed on the inside of the garment.


Pocket size: Length = 120 mm (4,7 inches), Width = 65 mm (2,6 inches), Depth = 30 mm (1,2 inches).


Disclaimer: The user maintains full responsibility to administer medication at the appropriate times. AnnaPS’s garments are to be used only as an aid in safeguarding and carrying your insulin pump and diabetes devices. Always follow your doctor’s treatment recommendation and in case of issues with the insulin administration call your doctor immediately.