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Smart Care Smart Socks Monitor Diabetes; Tracker Uses Temperature Sensors To Observe Foot Injury

  • Siren Care Smart Socks
    Siren Care has utilized the technology and invented a smart way to track diabetes instantly. (Photo: Ran Ma/Youtube Screenshot)

Diabetes tracking company Siren Care has discovered a smart way to track diabetic health. It has come up with smart socks that use temperature as parameter to detect if a person is diabetic.

Siren Care Smart Socks Identifies Diabetes

While studying the methods of treatment of diabetes at Northwestern University, Siren Care co-founder Ran Ma got inspired to invent a smarter way to track the diabetic health of a person. By using temperature sensors, the device detects inflammation and tracks real-time diabetes.

At the university, the students learnd how to use biomass to lead to the growth of the lost skin and get it back. It was then when the co-founder of Siren Care planned to make something wearable to ensure the detection of injuries and diabetes.


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