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‘Smart’ Socks Designed By Siren Care Aim To Help Diabetics Track Health Of Feet Effectively

Sirencare socks

Siren Care, a Diabetic health tracking startup has come up with a method to detect inflammation and injury of the feet in real time using ‘smart socks’. These socks are specially designed to use temperature sensors for this very purpose. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients are prone to foot injuries, swelling and other issues due to nerve damage and hence can create serious problems like severe infection and even amputation if not treated in time. While at Northwestern University, co-founder of the startup, Ran Ma was working on growing biomass to grow skin that had been damaged and during this research she thought of making a wearable that could prevent and track injuries at the same time. Both the founders, Ma and Veronica Tran were aware that early detection of an injury is vital to treatment and thought that built in sensors in a wearable are the solution to the problem at hand.

How it works?

Siren’s socks aren’t the first wearable that tries to detect foot injuries. SurroSense Rx is a wireless insert for the shoe for diabetes patients and Tillges Technologies’ PressureGuardian is a boot that is designed for the same purpose. However, a boot or a foot pad is either bulky or difficult to insert and not sufficiently close to the skin. Siren’s socks have sensors woven into the fabric and help detect wherever inflammation is found. After detection all the information is uploaded to an app on your smart phone that alerts you about where the problem lies. All data is stored on the…

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