The First Canadian T1D to Climb Mt. Everest

Sebastien Sasseville was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 22. He recalls being faced with a choice: cave in and let the disease get the best of him or grab the obstacle by the hand learn to live well with it. Despite reaching the summit of Mt Everest to prove that diabetes should never keep us from living to the fullest, the heart of Sebastien’s philosophy is not about beating diabetes, but rather welcoming it in our lives and embracing it. Sasseville didn’t choose diabetes, but he chose to make te best of his life with it and used it to motivate him to reach new heights (literally.). His difficult and humbling journey toward acceptance has been filled with powerful lessons. There have been so many positive lessons that sometimes diabetes has felt like a vehicle of growth and empowerment, and therefore a gift to Sasseville.
Hear more about his journey in the video below.
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