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Flashing has become an unwelcome trend for some telemedicine businesses

latin man with naked torso lying in bed with laptop

There are plenty of trends coming to the fore in digital health. Consolidation, for one, seems to be impacting every aspect of the sector, even conferences — I’m looking at you Health 2.0 and HIMSS.

But one of the more curious developments involves telemedicine providers, particularly those with a direct-to-consumer channel — flashing doctors. It is currently male patients doing the flashing and it seems to be the new reality for telemedicine or at least a current fad, according to an article from CNBC.

“There was a period where it was happening to some of our doctors once a week,” Bob Kocher, a Doctor on Demand investor, told CNBC.

Through interviews with Doctor on Demand, American Well, MD Live, and Sherpaa, the article revealed…

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