My Scariest Experience With Diabetes

It was one of the scariest experience I’ve ever had with diabetes.

I was six or seven years old. My parents and I went on holidays to Greece. We had a great time together, swimming, sightseeing and enjoying the sunny weather. On the last day right before dinner, my parents asked me, like every evening before, about what I would like to eat and how much. I said I was quite hungry and they gave me insulin with a pen (I didn’t have an insulin pump at that time, we didn’t even hear of it in Poland yet!). Unfortunately, when we were preparing for dinner I felt very sick. After a few minutes, I vomited several times.

It was the worst possible situation: active insulin and not being able to eat anything!

My parents checked my blood sugar, it was already pretty low. They tried to convince me to eat something, but I still didn’t feel well, the blood sugar was still dropping. It was very hard for me to try to eat anything, my stomach hurt and I had nausea.

My parents were seriously scared. They gave me glucagon and because it didn’t help enough, they went to the receptionist to ask her to call the resident doctor. And then the miracle happened – it turned out that she is a nurse and she had a drip with glucose (for some reason :D). I was saved! She put the cannula in my arm and attached the drip (I’m always afraid of it, but I was so exhausted that I didn’t care about the pain).

When the doctor came I was as good as new – my blood sugar was finally stable. After that scary night, we were happy to go back home to Warsaw.

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