Real Talk With Dave: Battling Blood Sugars

Over the last few weeks, I have been struggling with managing my blood sugars and I have been finding it to be very difficult and frustrating to find peace with my numbers. Having moments in your life where your Diabetes isn’t exactly where you would like it to be can have a negative effect on your blood sugars and make you realize just how much we need to push for a cure on T1D. We all have different lives that we live, making T1D somewhat of a big annoyance if one cannot handle their Diabetes effectively. Just know, it’s not your fault and time will pass where you overcome these bad moments with your numbers or whatever else T1D has to throw at you and good things will come, making you feel confident and empowered in handling your Diabetes the way you are used to.

            Every now and then, there comes a time in the lives of those living with T1D where changes come, such as numbers reacting a different way than they used to when you would eat or do something you always did, finding that you need to alter your doses or planning a bit, just to get the numbers back to the way they were.

Some may find that certain brands of Insulin don’t work the way they used to anymore, causing you to search for another brand that is just as effective as your previous Insulin before the change happened. These are just some examples that, like it or not, do happen with Diabetes, making life more stressful and overwhelming at times.

This past week, as I was driving to class, I noticed my Insulin pump site had ripped out while in the car. I had only 5 minutes to get to class and change my site out for a new one. You can only imagine the amount of stress and pressure that was on me at that time. I got to my school and parked, grabbed my emergency kit in my car, and changed my site out in about 2 minutes. Though I got to class just in time, my numbers were going sky high prior to the sight ripping out, even though I took my Insulin.

Then, on my break, I quickly checked my BG and found my blood sugar at 426 mg/dL.

My new site apparently hadn’t gone in properly and effectively, resulting in my numbers to go that high. I then tried just about anything to get some fresh insulin flowing inside of me as I still had another hour of class that afternoon. Unfortunately, my numbers continued going up pretty fast and halfway through that hour, I had to leave class early and rush home to get access to some fresh new Insulin and an all new site, which by then, my number had reached 490 mg/dL. I was alarmed, felt very sick, and was ultimately drained as I hadn’t been that high in a while.

Rest assured, all is well now, however, through that experience, I came to a point where I was feeling very unhappy with my numbers and how I was feeling most of the time, that I decided to make a change in my doses. Though I changed them, I have still been dealing with some high numbers here and there. These are the struggles we go through on a day to day basis that sometimes go unnoticed.

Diabetics are warriors that face these challenges regularly, but as we battle with our numbers and overall well being of T1D, we are here to make a difference and inspire others.

We are more than capable of turning Type One into Type None. Due to many days of feeling weak, sick, and unstable, it can be hard to enjoy life as we are in a constant battle with our numbers. It can be a constant struggle and challenge in one’s life, BUT as some like to say, we are blood sugar warriors. With constant support and encouragement from one another, as well as hard work and effort in our health, we are capable of change and well being. It just takes time (and lots of it), but at some point or another, things DO get better.

Enjoy the good times, learn from the bad, and strive to make a difference as a Diabetic as we patiently wait and push for a cure!

Live well,


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