Naturally Sweet

I think it is safe to say that we Diabetics are naturally sweet, but what does that really mean? Well for starters, the saying, “naturally sweet”, can mean an array of things.

Most non-Diabetics will hear the term “Diabetes” and think of people who ate too much sugar or are overweight, but we all know that’s not the case. People will assume that Diabetics cannot consume any sugar or they will die, again, not the case.

Over time, we endure so many different assumptions, labels, and hurtful comments towards our Diabetes that honestly don’t feel good to hear. I’m 20 years old and have had Diabetes for 9 years and still get those comments from non-Diabetics. When I was first diagnosed, those comments didn’t affect me. Fast forward to today, I have educated myself and lived/experienced so much in my Diabetic journey to the point where now, I truly cannot tolerate hurtful assumptions people may say to me or near me. I’m not just speaking for myself. The whole Diabetic community has expressed their frustrations and experiences on dealing with people who viewed them as the stereotypical Diabetic. Some of those comments include: “oh, did you get Diabetes from eating too much sugar?”, “Diabetics can’t eat sugar.”, or “you don’t look Diabetic”. These are just some examples and trust me, I’ve heard much worse.

We are getting so close to the end for Type 1 Diabetes and living out a normal and healthy life has become so much easier and much more manageable due to all the advanced forms of technology, specialized medicine, and even just by spreading awareness and building a community.

The typical stereotypes should not determine our future or our own individual decisions. We can eat sugar. We can do whatever we put our minds to.

And we are so much more capable of doing things that we want to nowadays due to all the advancements that allow us to do so.

Diabetics work hard each day just to stay alive. I think sometimes we all can get carried away and take life for granted, but when you really think about how critical and complex Diabetes management truly is, that in itself can be the main motivator in your life to keep you going.

My point right now is that we are naturally sweet for all these reasons. We are hard-working, focused and motivated, and in it to win it (it being a cure!). We are sweet because we can not only be of an assistance to other Diabetics by creating a kind and inviting environment but at the end of the day, when you look back at all you went through that day and how you took care of yourself, good or bad, you’re simply…sweet!

So go ahead, make a change in this world, prove them wrong, eat that sugary donut or ice cream (with Insulin of course!), because, with that natural fighting spirit we Diabetics are given, we can do literally… ANYTHING!

Live well,


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