Real Talk with Dave: No Rest Until We Find a Cure

Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen nothing but true bravery in the T1D community. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the level of support and love that is shown throughout every act of strength and kindness every Diabetic has to offer.

Lately, what’s been on my mind has been the fact that many non-Diabetics are uneducated on what it is really like to live with Type 1 Diabetes. Many times, people assume that Diabetes is not a serious condition as it is very often confused for Type 2 Diabetes. Don’t get me wrong, Type 2 is very serious as well and deserves the same amount of respect and concern as Type 1, however, what boggles my mind is the fact that I have lived several years with T1D and I know what it feels like, the thing is, many others don’t know and will never know what it feels like.

It has been my mission for the longest time to spread awareness and fight for a cure even harder each day. We all have different ways of spreading awareness. Some share videos on YouTube, create Diabetic apparel, and others may provide T1D photos to shine a light on what Diabetes actually looks like. Whatever you do, however it’s done, spreading as much awareness as possible is key.

I want one day to be able to feel so confident and free in knowing that wherever I go, the general public is aware of this disease, the ups and the downs. Diabetes is a serious condition that if not treated properly, can result in some very serious consequences. Every Type 1 Diabetic must be on Insulin daily to stay alive. We have to prick our fingers and regulate our blood sugars throughout the day. We have to feel symptoms that are like no other. My goal as an advocate for Type 1 Diabetes is to one day educate enough people to try as hard as possible to put themselves in the shoes of a Diabetic and be more empathetic and understanding as possible. Diabetes is VERY unpredictable. One moment we can be just fine, another, a complete mess. Lows and highs are real, and when they attack, pain is something we have to face. The feeling is indescribable.

All I am saying is that in a perfect world, everyone would be aware of the case and help each other out as we put an end to Diabetes. It can happen and it is possible. Each day, I am reminded of how awesome the T1D community is and how many others are out there willing to help put a stop to this disease. We need a cure, Diabetes is not fun, but we need to help make others aware of the cause first.
I will not rest until there is a cure and something is done about this horrible disease! We can do it, but it all starts with YOU!

Live well,


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