Real Talk with Dave: The Future Looks Bright!

Lately I’ve been feeling a certain way about Type 1 Diabetes. Not just in my own personal journey, but in the way we as a society and community are making way for so many great medical breakthroughs and advances. It is crazy to think how each year, something new is being produced and manufactured in order to manage our Diabetes more properly. Whether it’s a new pump, Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), or even a new medication/supplement, we are constantly moving forward and getting closer to our end goal… a cure.

I am continually amazed at the Diabetic community. Everybody has each other’s back when someone in the world of Diabetes is in need of help. Through all the events, social gatherings, meet-up’s and conventions, we are gaining more friends and important pieces of information in our lives that are helping us in our own T1D journey. There are so many different campaigns and projects that come up often and are discussed heavily, in which we spread awareness on Type 1 and make it so that people are familiar with Diabetes and are aware of the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.

When we think of T1D, we may think about highs, lows, Insulin, and pumps, but there are many subjects we sometimes don’t talk about and are in need of discussion. Topics such as Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), Glucagon and the importance on how to administer one if need, and the importance of wearing a form of Medical ID. Having more discussions on these topics, not only between ourselves, but with other non-Type 1 Diabetics who may not know of these issues is very important. There are multiple ways in which you can go about educating others on these topics, such as presentations, starting a hashtag on social media, making education promo flyers to post around your school or work environment, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

I recently got so tired of going to school every day feeling as though my Diabetes was truly invisible and how potentially dangerous that could be. I would go through lectures, classes, and exams with my numbers dangerously high just to prevent going low in those situations. I wasn’t being fair to my body or my peers, essentially, as if I let my health deteriorate in a social setting and have an emergency, not only would I suffer, but so would the people around me as I would be putting them in a state of fear and panic. I decided to design a Type 1 Diabetic version of the classic board game, Candy Land, where I used it as a platform to educate my non-Diabetic classmates and professors. Through that board game, the topic of Type 1 was brought up and I felt as though I no longer needed to fear my blood sugars acting up in class as the people around me would now know.

There are simple ways in spreading awareness, which will help us get one step closer to a cure. In order to move forward, we must first discuss issues happening at the moment and find ways to fix and prevent them, as well as educate these topics, leading us to demand change and fight for what we all truly need… a cure. When I say the future looks bright, I honestly mean it.

When I was first diagnosed with T1D 9 years ago, I never thought I would see so much change happening.

Now, I see it every day and it makes me so beyond thrilled to know that there are so many amazing people coming together for one great cause.

Let’s end T1D together for good!

Live well,


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