What to Do When Your Health Wasn’t a Priority Before Now

We all go through life phases. Some of them are good such as in our twenties and in others, we sometimes face personal setbacks. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of life at times.

Whether we’ve not taken good care of your health before because there was never an issue previously, but now being diagnosed with IBD, cancer, arthritis or suffering from ongoing anxiety issues, it’s time to adjust now. You cannot do anything about the past. That’s over. It’s done. What’s important is how you proceed from this point on.

In this article, we make some suggestions about what happens from here.

Physical Health

Make Your Physical Health a Priority

It’s possible if you haven’t taken care of yourself and that you’ve put on some extra pounds. There’s nothing to be ashamed of about with that. But now’s the time to help yourself if you want to remove it again. However, depending on what ailment you’re presently suffering from, that may be difficult or challenging for you.

The way we would suggest approaching this is to be practical. Look at what you can do as opposed to what you can no longer do. For instance, if you’re unsteady on your feet some of the time or get dizzy spells but still wish to exercise for 30 minutes a day, focus on compatible exercises like using a rowing machine where you’re sitting down. If you don’t have access to a gym nearby, then see what bodyweight exercises are possible on a gym mat at home.

Be flexible in your approach. Being healthier physically is about moving move. The activity is far less important than people think. Also, watch those calories! If you’re an emotional overeater, be honest with yourself about it and address it separately.

And Your Mental Health Too

Your mental health is about accepting when you’re having a difficult time. To be annoyed about new limitations is natural. It takes time to work through those emotions which feels like the loss of a friend in many ways. Something you’re used to having around and then suddenly it’s gone.

Give yourself time to process the changes. Avoid radically altering other areas of your life at the same time because that may overwhelm you.

How You See Stress

Adjust How You See Stress

Re-adjust how you view stress in your life.

It can be something that throws you off balance or provides a reality check. Accept when you’re stressed about something and see how much of a problem it is for you. Many times, we get upset about things we cannot change or are unwilling to put the effort into changing. Turn stress on its head by seeing it as something to overcome and celebrate the victory when you turn it into a positive by taking action to improve your situation.

Could You Get Compensated?

Also, consider whether the medical ailment is due to negligence on the part of a healthcare facility. If this might be the case, then it could be possible to pursue a claim against them.

The best way to discover if you might have a case is to talk to a knowledgeable medical negligence solicitor to discuss the matter. They are best positioned to confirm whether it’s worth pursuing it legally.

Caring more about your health is a great thing. It’s never too late to do that. Whatever you can do to take care of yourself, make the effort to do so. It pays dividends.

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