Real Talk with Dave: It’s Just a Number

One thing that we often times struggle with as Type 1 Diabetics is the stress and anxiety that is presented to us by our blood sugar readings. As hard as we may try, the number that is shown on our blood glucometer gets to us and makes us react in a certain way. It can be hard as a Diabetic as that very number that shows up on our meter or CGM reading is what determines how we may be feeling at the time and what we can or cannot do at the moment. This can get frustrating at times, but just know: it’s just a number.

This is definitely one issue I struggle with daily. Now, hear me out. Am I the only one who feels almost at “peace” with my blood sugars, no matter what it is at the time, if I am simply at home? I can be sky high or at the lowest of lows, but if I am at home, I almost feel “safe”. The issue I have is when I am out and about. I panic and stress out if my blood sugars are not where they are supposed to be. The thoughts that travel through my mind include: “oh, my pump site must not be working”, “I may have to leave early”, “I cannot do this right now”, and so on. Of course, these thoughts are not true, but when I go into my panic mode, I can’t help it.

This issue, whether for me or for another Diabetic, is a work in progress. You simply need to constantly reassure yourself that you will be okay. It is just a number. It is a mental training process in which you are having to remind yourself that as long as you have all the necessary tools with you, you are feeling fine at the moment, and you covered yourself with the right amount of Insulin, you will be just fine. I know that mental health is a huge part of Diabetes. The very things that come across our day can truly get to us and make us doubt the unknown: Diabetes. Type 1 is a very unpredictable disease, and when we have to alter our lives or schedules due to that BG reading on our meter, it gets to us and can really take a toll on one’s mind.

In times of stress, anxiety, pressure, and panic, always remember:

  • Remain calm
  • Take a deep breath
  • Use positive self-talk
  • Have all T1D supplies with you and ready to go
  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member to help you get through that moment
  • Realize that it will all be okay

I know that T1D is scary. Take it from me, a Type 1 Diabetic of 10 years. Life is hard and when we add T1D to the mix, it can be a great challenge, however, with a healthy mindset and a positive lifestyle, that number that may appear on your meter or CGM is nothing to worry about. Always remind yourself that you have the tools and the mind that you need in order to get through a certain moment. Take care and live with no limitations. Life is too short to stress out.

Live well,


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