Real Talk with Dave: Type 1 Diabetes Re-evaluation (3 Questions)

This will be a bit different from my usual blogs, but this month, November, we come together as a community in support of National Diabetes Awareness Month. I wanted to take this “blog” of mine and use it as a way to educate and have it ask you three very important questions to better improve your overall health and well-being as a Type 1 Diabetic.

So, sit back, relax, and ask yourself these questions by answering them in the most honest and efficient way possible.

1/ Am I happy with where I am with my Diabetes?

2/ What are some accomplishments that I have achieved with my Diabetes in the last 6 months?

3/ What could I do differently to better my Diabetes?

Now that you have answered these questions, how do you feel? Empowered? Discouraged? Mindful? Hopeful? Either way, don’t let these simple questions determine who you are as a person living with T1D. YOU are in control. This disease is not easy and can be overwhelming. Know that there is no such thing as a “perfect” Diabetic. Whether you are at the place you want to be at with your Diabetes or not, it’s okay, this disease takes time. We each have our own pace and regimen that we try and work towards/stick to, but make sure that YOU are always in control and in the driver’s seat of your Diabetes, that’s the only way to do it!

Live well,


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