We are seeking innovative, disruptive companies that will truly change the lives of those living with chronic disease. We encourage patients and those who support individuals with chronic disease to create business solutions to needs they identify in their journey. Lyfebulb Ventures targets investments that are identified through its Innovation Summits * as well as other companies that work toward prevention, improved management of and cures of chronic disease. It is our goal to remove the burden of chronic disease.

Lyfebulb participates at a board and/or advisory board level where it can add strategic and domain-specific product development and financial advice.

* Several times a year, Lyfebulb, in partnership with major industry players (manufacturers and payers) hosts Innovation Summits. Patient Entrepreneurs submit their business plans (the business must be established) and approximately ten entries are selected to present in person at a Summit focused on a targeted disease state. These finalists all benefit from the exposure to and advice from senior health care and financial executives at the Summit. In addition, Lyfebulb will evaluate direct investments into the winning companies. Click HERE to see the winners of the most recent Summit.
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