11 Seemingly Good-For-You Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

The concept of eating healthy is a simple one: eat lots whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and stay clear of sweets. But successfully making that happen these days ― when so much of our food is packaged ― is a lot trickier than you might expect. Many go-to health food options are actually not as good for you as they seem. Are you being fooled by some?

Chances are, there are one or two items in the list below that are derailing your healthy-eating efforts. Check out what they might be and steer clear.

This big bowl of granola is too much to eat in one sitting.

1. Granola: A serving size of granola is a lot smaller than you think. If you’re filling a cereal bowl of the stuff with milk, chances are you’re taking in a lot more sugar than you want. Granola is better eaten sprinkled on top of yogurt than used in place of cereal. If you don’t want to give up your beloved granola entirely, try making your own. Homemade is better than store-bought because you know what ingredients are being put into it. Try a couple of these recipes, and you’ll soon be converted.

2. Agave: Whether or not agave is healthy is up for debate. But at the end of the day, it’s still added sugar to your diet. And too much sugar in any form is not recommended.

3. Bran muffins: We know it sounds healthy. What could be so bad about a food with bran in it? Sadly, the truth is that a muffin is still a muffin no matter what ingredients have been added to it. And that means it’s basically a cupcake with no frosting on it ― in other words, its loaded with added sugar and fat. Plus, most bran muffins contain more wheat flour than actual…

The Most Annoying Health Foods of 2016

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

When you first discovered avocado toast and shared it on Instagram – #BestBrunchEver! – you probably thought nothing could top it. But the dish isn’t the only healthy food that drove double taps this year. Here are all the healthy dishes that filled everyone’s feeds in 2016, beginning with the photogenic favorite:

1. Avocado Toast

It’s not hard to see why avocado toast got so popular among healthy eaters: Spread for spread, avocado has roughly one-fourth the calories of butter (which has made quite the comeback this year) with healthy fats and fiber to boot. It’s why you probably don’t even mind paying entrée prices for a simple bread and spread, a dish that used to come free with your eggs. #WorthIt.

2. Ricotta Toast

Although ricotta contains more calories than mashed avocado, andmore than its healthy dairy cousins, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, ricotta toast is typically a lighter choice than, say, a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, particularly when the ricotta toast is topped with fruit. That it’s served open-faced makes it bonafide Instagram candy – sometimes quite literally when served with jam or honey, which can contribute lots of sugar (with a side of unsustainable energy). Oh well. How pretty?!

3. Sweet Potato Toast

As would be expected in 2016, the year when toast took really over, healthy eaters picked up on this curious way to use sweet potatoes. You slice them up really thin, bake or toast them until they’re crisp, then top them with cheese, dried fruit, or the spread of your choice. Never mind that no one said potatoes are a health food you should be eating all the time. Sweet potatoes still serve up vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber, and unlike bread, they’re vibrant, so no filter needed.

4. Zoodles

Noodles made from spiralized zucchini have fewer calories and carbs than regular pasta, which make them an awesome alternative for those who pay attention to that stuff. Plus they photograph just as well as pasta, which makes them equally likable for both the carb lovers and carb counters who follow your every bite.

5. Matcha Desserts

Dessert chefs have decided to lace their treats with matcha, the antioxidant-rich powder made from green tea leaves and traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies….