Real Talk With Dave: Hopeful For A Cure

We all have a desire to be cured of this monster of a disease, Type 1 Diabetes. Since the day we were diagnosed, that has been our number one wish when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake or when we play that imaginary game of being asked what our three wishes from a Genie would be. We constantly dream of having our “cure day”. Until that glorious day though, all we have is hope. And great things can come from this hope. Like the support we get from each other in the community that helps lift each other up. Diabetes has several ups and downs throughout the day that are constantly thrown at us from each moment to the next, but we have our hope to hold onto.

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Just imagine the day a cure for Diabetes is announced! No more needles, no more blood, no more fear, and no more out of whack blood sugar systems. What a day that will be! I can remember a time in my life when I would constantly have low blood sugars (sometimes 6-8 times a day) and it was getting a little bit out of hand. I would constantly think to myself  how it was like I was living from one low to the next, trying to get my blood sugar levels high enough to go for a short walk before crashing again, going for a little drive before I had to pull over and treat my low, and so on. Those are just some of the many examples that I cannot wait to be done with. I don’t know if I will ever see a cure in my lifetime for Type 1 Diabetes, but I hope and pray all the time for this day to come where not only me, but all the millions of other Diabetics can be free. Free of the things that once tied us down.

I would love to be able to tell my children someday how I had Diabetes, not that I still have.

I would like to tell them how I muddled through a terrible disease and made it out alive and well. And I would also love to show them that life gets hard at times, real hard, but through positivity and determination, anything is possible.

Now I know the thought of a cure is just a dream to some people, but it could be closer than we think. We have insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) now-a-days that provide convenience and luxury in T1D management, making it a whole lot easier than it used to be, so I think we are getting there. A cure is coming!

Diabetes presents itself as big and scary from time to time, but at some point or another, we each find our niche in managing our own uniqueness with T1D. Some have difficulty with high blood sugars, some the complete opposite, but when we figure out what it is that we truly need to do in order to be healthier, we can lead a pretty normal life. However, on the days when Diabetes is on full attack mode and is constantly coming down on us like a meteor shower with low after low, ripped pump site after massively high blood sugars, and whatever else your Diabetes may have to offer when it decides to (I’ll leave it up to your own imagination), it may seem tough to continue and push through. I have come home countless times feeling completely overwhelmed and discouraged, feeling like I couldn’t continue to battle with my Diabetes anymore, but a new day came and I would fight like never before, making the next day better than before, brighter than I have ever seen, and we all have that in us. We just need to find our inner confidence and determination in owning our T1D in the time being while we patiently wait on a cure.

Days will come and go when it doesn’t look possible. T1D is not your fault one bit. You didn’t ask for it, you didn’t do anything wrong, and you should never feel bad or ashamed for having Diabetes. Nature just took it’s course and decided to select people at random and allow them to have Diabetes, but only those who were selected were the ones who were capable of battling their way through all the highs and lows (literally and figuratively) T1D has to offer. We are brave, we are strong, and we are going to find a cure, one way or another. This is going to happen!


So since we’ve established that a cure is coming, begin to ask yourself: What does your cure day look like?


Live well,


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