How Lyme Disease Became A Blessing

I will never, ever forget the day I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014.  I was only fourteen when I received the life-changing phone call telling me my blood test had come back positive for Lyme.  For years I struggled with a plethora of undiagnosed health issues and desperately searched for answers.  Little did I know how much this phone call would really impact my life (and for the better!).

Battling a chronic, debilitating disease is, to say the least, not easy.  I have a constant, excruciating headache, joint pain, stomachache, dizziness, nausea, and overwhelming fatigue.  You couldn’t guess that I’m sick by simply glancing at me or that my treatment consists of 50 pills per day (no, that’s not an exaggeration), multiple antibiotics, and weekly IVs and injections.  On the outside I may not look like I’m fighting a disease, but I battle this invisible, chronic, nasty disease every second.

Being sick has denied me of many opportunities and robbed me of activities I previously took for granted, such as functioning like a normal teenager, spending time with friends, and playing on my high school golf team.

However, I would never change this experience because of what it has developed within me— strength, perseverance, compassion, inspiration, and calling.

Lyme disease attacks the stomach as well as the entire body, so I developed food intolerances to gluten, dairy, and soy among many, many other things.  Honestly, I didn’t even understand what gluten was when I was told a few years ago that my body didn’t tolerate it well.  As a result, I had to begin learning more about nutrition and focusing on the foods I ate more than I ever had before.

I read countless articles and books about food, and the more I read, the more I became intrigued.  I realized I have a passion for health and nutrition.  This is how Health and High Heels, my blog and website, began!  Health and High Heels is a platform for me to share my love and passion for healthy living with the world and to inspire others.  I post healthy recipes I develop and write about healthy foods and restaurants I find both locally and in my travels.  And I love high heels, so of course I had to include that in the name!

Despite my struggles, I view Lyme disease as a blessing.  The key is that I’ve chosen joy despite my trials, and I’ve found great joy in educating others about nutrition, sharing my healthy recipes with the world, and hopefully pursuing a career in medicine to help others who are sick like me.


You can find Health and High Heels on Instagram (@healthandhighheels), Facebook (Health and High Heels), Twitter (@healthhighheels), Pinterest (@healthhighheels), and my website (Healthandhighheels.org)!  These social media platforms are where I share my recipes, photographs, “fun foodie facts,” and healthy product reviews.  My goal is to excite others about healthy living and to encourage them to try a recipe or two, visit the local farmer’s market for fresh, organic produce, or even come up with original recipes!  Overall, I urge everyone to begin discovering what healthy living means in his or her own life!

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