Open source wearable Angel shuts down

Angel, a company that has been working since 2013 on an open source wearable tracker that could be programmed for different use cases, has shut down the project and, likely, the company.

The company announced the news via a large banner on its website reading “This project is no longer active”. Angel executives did not respond to MobiHealthNews’s request for an interview. Bob Troia, known as “Quantified Bob” in quantified self circles, spotted the announcement and posted about it on Twitter and on the Quantified Self forum.

“Well, looks like the Angel Sensor folks have (finally) officially thrown in the towel,” he wrote. “Not really a surprise, as they had gone silent for nearly a year after delivering their crowdfunded product over two years late. They did release code for their open-source SDK, and there is a community of developers who have forked it on GitHub3 to continue development. Too bad they gave up, as the promise of a truly open source wearable with an array of useful…

Health Catalyst forms, an open-source analytics community

open sign

With an eye toward democratizing predictive analytics and machine learning, healthcare Big Data company Health Catalyst is moving into the open-source world. Thursday, Health Catalyst introduced, which the Salt Lake City-based company called the first healthcare-specific repository of open-source machine-learning software.

“We want to enable machine learning,” said Levi Thatcher, Health Catalyst’s director of data science. “We’re trying to form a healthcare machine-learning community,” Thatcher said.

“By open sourcing, we hope to facilitate industrywide collaboration and advance the adoption of machine learning, making it easy for healthcare organizations to learn from and enhance these tools together, without the need for a team of data scientists,” Health Catalyst Executive Vice President Dale Sanders added in a press release.

In an interview with MedCity News, Thatcher noted that predictive analytics in healthcare so far has been the nearly exclusive province of academic medical centers. Health Catalyst…