Kimbrough: Your grocery store’s top 10

The year is nearing its end and upon reflection, it hit me that baked goods in pans with small indentions frequently made their way into my kitchen and columns in 2016.

A homemade apple cider doughnut dusted in a little brown sugar with a side of vanilla biscotti coffee is my favorite day-starter and anytime snack, for that matter. I also popped out Peabody Hotel muffins, strawberry and blueberry muffins and even heathy bran versions.

Doughnuts and muffins aside, my goal with each food column has been to teach you something new, ranging from $2.99 supermarket finds to holiday tablescapes.

I’ll end 2016 with a brief recap of my favorite supermarket products, some of which made their debut this year and others that recently landed on my food radar.

1. King’s Hawaiian Bread deserves a medal for converting their world-famous sweet rolls into sliced bread. The saying, “the greatest thing since sliced bread” definitely applies to this delicious product. Those of you who converted long ago to wheat bread will be coming back.

2. It’s not as sweet, but another great addition to the bread aisle is Dave’s Killer 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Organic Bread. It’s a little pricey, but I feel good about grabbing a thick slice as a quick breakfast, snack or bookend for a healthy sandwich. If you can get past the strange-looking seeds, it’ll quickly become a favorite.

3. Quaker Oats Breakfast Flats — When time is short, grabbing one in my favorite flavor, cranberry almond, proved to be a viable alternative to the drive-through biscuit.

4. Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies — Every now and then, the urge for a cookie must be met. I never met a cookie from the small white packages that I didn’t like, but I have a new favorite. The description says it better than me: “Lace-thin, crisp cookies embrace a layer of smooth, luxurious, dark chocolate.” Also on shelves now, Pepperidge Farm’s Gingerbread Men and Women. They’ll be gone after New Year’s, so grab them now.

5. Progresso Heart Healthy and Reduced Sodium Soups — I love to make homemade soup, but when my freezer supply is low, I select one of these. With a lower sodium count than most canned soups and flavors like Italian Wedding with Meatballs and Chicken Gumbo, what’s not to love?

6. Speaking of heart healthy, I can indulge in one of my favorite meals…