Keep Fighting Toward Your Fitness Goals

So I thought I’d share how difficult it is to live with a chronic illness and try and stay fit.

The picture on the right was last year… when I had just had a colonoscopy to determine how inflamed my bowel was. Shortly after, I was hospitalized due to my colitis. In that week I had lost around 8kg in weight in the space of 5 days. Everything I ate went straight out. I had been in decent physical shape externally but internally I was in bits. I felt incredibly weak. I had no energy, but I still tried to work and live my life as normally as possible. At the time I even tried to celebrate the fact I looked half decent. 🙈 But when you look at the photo closely, I look very skinny. I was then put on some heavy duty drugs to get my colitis in check. Gained loads of weight in hospital and then went home.

Fast forward to may of this year. I’ve managed to get to a decent shape however I’m the strongest I have ever been. I manage to beat my personal gym goals every week and my colitis seems to be under control. 🤛👏

I saw this photo in my feed and wanted you to understand that physically and mentally I’m in a much better place. Everything is going in the right direction and with more hardwork and dedication I’ll get to where I want to be.

Even last year I said I’ll have to start my journey again. It really got me down but if something is worth doing… it wouldn’t be easy….or everyone would do it 😅👌

It doesn’t matter where you are in your IBD journey. It will always keep moving forward it you BELIEVE you can do it

30-Day Squat Challenge

I stumbled upon this workout on Twitter last year, and it’s become my go to every few months when I want to get back in the habit of working out, when I want to challenge myself, or when I have an event to prepare for. For me, having an event is the most motivating factor, not for the event itself per say, but for having a deadline. This is why the 30-day squat challenge is great. You add some squats into your daily [workout] schedule, progress little by little every single day, and then by day 30 you have reached your goal and feel amazing!

I highly recommend this. So print out the schedule below and hang it up in your home gym, or make it the screensaver in your phone so you don’t forget a day, and let’s get to squatting!


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Equinox Cycling Classes – The Pursuit: Burn

I love to spin.  I used to be an avid Flywheel enthusiast, but since I joined Equinox I figured I should take advantage of my membership and give their classes a try.  The normal spin classes called “Studio Cycling” are not that exciting, but then I stumbled onto Equinox’s most recent spin addition – The Pursuit: Burn.

Equinox describes it as follows:

“THE PURSUIT by EQUINOX is an immersive studio cycling experience that uses groundbreaking in-studio gaming and data visualization to drive competition and inspire peak performance.

Precisely timed high-intensity intervals to maximize your performance, The Pursuit: Burn, is a hardcore cycling experience scientifically designed to push you to a new level of fitness.”

The experience is indeed hardcore and extremely competitive, at least for those of us who like that sort of thing.  The class is divided into games where you compete on behalf of yourself, and where you are sometimes split into teams that compete against each other.  It’s extremely motivating to see your name up on the leader board as you work to do the best that you can.  It even inspired me to purchase my own spin shoes, something I didn’t even do when I was going to Flywheel several times per week.

I tore a tendon in my knee last year and was extremely excited when I had healed well enough to spin again, and doubly excited when I found these classes that I love!  It took a week or two to get used to the format, and I am still working hard to improve, but I am always excited to get to class, do my best, and hopefully one day take that number 1 spot.  For now, I’ve had to be happy with second place, but hopefully not for long!


Check it out if you love intense cardio, and especially if you have a competitive nature.  You will not regret it!

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Your New Favorite Gym Routine

Raise your hand if you’ve gone to the gym and done the same exact workout day in and day out. (My hand is up!) It is quite common that we head to the gym with the right intentions, but get stuck in the same old routine. For me, it was 30 minutes on the treadmill, 50 squats, and a set of ab exercises. I’m not saying this is bad, but switching up your workouts every day ensures that you not only get a more even full-body workout but also targets new muscles that you may not even know you aren’t hitting (or even know existed)!

Courtesy of our trainer Ken Yu, we’ve got a new workout to incorporate into our weekly gym routine. Pick up those dumbells, because we are starting with a dumbbell routine and then heading over to the machines!

Young caucasian woman doing exercises on fitness machine in gym. Female using rowing machine at fitness club.
3 Rounds With Dumbbells:
15 DB Romanian Deadlift
15 DB Chest Press (Bench or Floor)
15 DB Squats
15 DB Bent-Over Rows
15-30s Plank Hold

3×10 Chest Press
3×10 Cable Row
3×10 Single Leg Press
3×10 Hamstring Curl

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