Four New Ways to Unwind and Relax

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Life can be stressful. Work can be stressful. Family can be stressful. Trying to live to your greatest potential can be stressful. Unless you are completely content in your life, there is likely something that is causing you undue stress. This stress, when chronic, can lead to many health complications and eventually will result in a total burnout. To avoid these negative health implications, you need to adopt these four new ways to unwind and relax today:

Using Sensation to Unwind and Relax

The sensation can be a key component to relaxing because it can elevate any experience and help put you in the right headspace. This will help improve your day exponentially. Put more effort into your meals and you can enjoy your day so much more. Switch your regular smoking habit of vaping at redjuice.co.uk, and you can enjoy different flavors and experiences that will help stimulate your break that much more. By using sensation, you can distract your mind and give it the break it needs to rest.

Harnessing the Power of the Air

Air quality is so important. Oxygen can help stimulate your brain and keep you alert and active. Now, this might seem like the antithesis of relaxing, but in fact, it is a necessary step in helping you manage your workload and get what needs to be done with less effort. To improve the quality of your air, introduce air-purifying plants into your home. Some plants clear the air of impurities, and others can even help you sleep.

The Power of Disconnecting

Of course, when it comes to relaxing the best way is to simply disconnect. Yes, the internet and our phones help us stay connected to our friends and that is important, but the endless scrolling has caused severe detriments to how we think. Instead of scrolling, take a day off and put your phone away. Instead, try hobbies that require focus and discipline. This will help you slow down and relax while also helping you keep your mind off of the stresses in your life.

Remember to Have Fun

Relaxation does not mean spas. It means your brain gets a break from what is stressing it out and instead focuses on something it enjoys. What this means is different for everyone. Some people find meditative hobbies relaxing, and others find getting out and dancing relaxing. What is similar in these two instances is that your mind is not focusing on what you find stressful or exhausting. Instead, you are having fun.

Relaxing and unwinding can mean many different things. What is important is that you find the activities and strategies that work best for you. You can be relaxed while doing sport, for example, because you love the way your muscles feel and how clear it makes your head while doing it. For others, a long soak in a bathtub is just what the doctor ordered. Focus on what makes your body and mind feel the best, because only when you can truly disconnect from your stressors and enjoy yourself can you relax on a regular basis.

5 Reasons Why You Actually Should Try That “Breathing” Thing

Have you had someone tell you just to breathe and your natural reaction was something along the lines of rolling your eyes or wanting desperately to punch them in the face?

Especially if you’re upset or stressed about something. It’s like it makes your blood boil even more. Don’t tell me to relax! Now I’m even more hulk-like!

Well, I’m certainly not going to tell you to relax…I do have a couple questions though:

  • Do you ever get nagging aches & pains that distract you from your work?
  • Do you ever feel like your mind is running at 100MPH and you can’t seem to shut it off?
  • Or maybe you have persistent pain that limits you from being able to play golf, go rock climbing or go on a walk/hike with your significant other?
  • Have you started to feel like having pain, feeling insecure and/or out of shape is your new norm?

Well, if any of that even slightly resonated with you, and if you’re open to it, here are 5 reasons that might peak your interest in this whole “breathing” thing.

  1. It literally lowers stress [by activating your vagus nerve which decreases the sympathetic (fight or flight) tone of your nervous system. every time you breathe, you are quite literally telling your nervous system “it’s all good, nothing to worry about here!”]

  2. It allows you to finally turn your brain off [the different areas of our brain compete for their attention, so by focusing on something physical, our brain activity cannot focus on the millions of thoughts running through it – it must instead divert its energy to the physical. this is the same reason you can’t really talk if you’re concentrating heavily on some difficult new yoga pose or dance move or golf swing.]

  3. It relieves tension in spine that may be contributing to your pain [many people hold themselves in a very rigid, upright position all day, which creates a lot of excessive muscular tension in the spine (much like holding a bicep curl all day long – it would hurt & fatigue eventually!). it’s extremely difficult to hold this stiff position while breathing deeply, so if we practice deep breathing, we learn to let that stiff, rigid posture go.]

  4. It improves core strength [deep, diaphragmatic breathing actually requires use of specific abdominal muscles – the muscles in between your rib cage. so, by focusing on a deep, long exhalation, we are actually enabling our core muscles to activate better!]

  5. Its a powerful way of giving movement to your body 24/7 [breathing is actually a form of micro-movement. as we inhale and exhale, the joints and muscles of the spine and the core are getting movement. and as we know, the body does not like inactivity, so by learning to breathe deeply throughout the day, we are feeding our body more movement in areas that are often tense/inactive. this has a plethora of benefits!]

I’m going to be following up on each of these topics for the next couple of weeks, so be sure to stay tuned. I’ll be posting them on my Facebook page, my Instagram, my Twitter, and my exclusive Facebook Group!

And don’t be shy – if you have a specific question about any of this, email me so we can jump on a quick phone call to discuss what’s going on with you!

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