Cynthia Meyer

Cyn joined Lyfebulb in 2022. After a 20-year background in marketing across a variety of industries, Cyn Meyer is dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations expand and grow. With a BA from UC Berkeley and MBA in marketing from Cal State Fullerton, she brings her expertise as Marketing Director specializing in content creation, creative management, branding, media purchasing, digital marketing, public relations, and business development.    

Cyn is also passionate about helping older adults turn their retirement years into their best years, to proactively stave off rampant stats on the rise like depression, loneliness, Alzheimer’s and nursing home occupancy. As a certified life coach for older adults, she founded Second Wind Movement in 2018 and helps retirees live active, healthy, and engaged retirement lifestyles to age successfully in place.

She fully supports patient advocacy, as her dad underwent brain surgery and radiation treatment in 2011 and two of her late grandparents were touched by Alzheimer’s.