Real Talk With Dave: Motivation & Diabetes

You can do it!

I know Diabetes is hard, but you can do it. There are days in which it seems impossible, but those are the days in which we push harder, gain strength, and fight even more for an end to this horrible disease. I have had my share of bad days, and still get them, but on those very days, I feel like I am learning vital life lessons on how to cope in a bad situation, how to treat others, and how to rise up.

Despite the needles, the blood, the emotions, the highs and lows, and the day to day tasks we have to remember to do, we are all awesome for being able to put up with these tasks and are all capable to keep on pushing through. I personally think it is so cool, as much as I would give up this disease on any given day, how we as Type 1 Diabetics have put up with so much that goes unnoticed. In my opinion, we all deserve awards, just saying. But that is because some people come and go in our lives and don’t quite realize all that we put up with daily or are even going through at that very moment. Regardless of the fact, YOU are amazing. We’ve all lived countless days with this disease, trying to make ends meet, trying new diets and workout routines, and meeting with our doctors just to get things right, but whatever may be going on, good or bad, you are awesome. Nobody else puts up with the things you do and that is why you are so cool.

When I see someone who has Diabetes or a chronic disease and they are doing something so great, whether they are working towards a great cause, doing what they love while dealing with their disease, or even just smiling, that is such an inspiration to me by seeing how they manage to stay so happy when I know that they are going through something that does present some challenges every now and then. I truly see the good in them and though I feel bad they have to deal with their disease, I am proud of them and applaud them for what they do and how they do it. We all are unique individuals with a desire to learn and grow, we all are creative and special, and when it comes to T1D, that is something that connects us all. If Diabetes hadn’t affected the millions of people it has, many of us wouldn’t have the social connections we have with each other right now or we wouldn’t have something to be inspired by.

What I am trying to say is that coming from a background with Diabetes and living it for almost half my life now,

I am filled with appreciation for the members of the Diabetic community as we are some of the strongest and bravest people out there.

Each disease has it’s own difficulties and struggles.When one is affected by Diabetes, it may seem like their life is over, but that is not the case. Diabetes can and will turn you into someone you didn’t think you could be. When I was first Diagnosed, my life turned around completely and I had taken a huge step back, but then I think of where I am now. I am alive, happy, and healthy, despite my Diabetes, and that is all that matters.

So I ask you so think of what your passion is and what motivates you to keep on going. After that, just go with it and live your purpose. Life is short and yes, you may have Diabetes, but that is okay, because you can live the life you want if you set your mind to it. I’m here for you, rooting for you, and cheering you along the way in this race to the finish line being a cure to end Type 1 Diabetes. You got this!

Live well,


When Life Is Not Kind To You, Be Kind To Life

Sometimes you feel like life is not kind to you, but if you are kind to life, it makes it a better place.

I was 21 years old in 1999 when I was diagnosed with IBD / Chrons disease. I had my first bowel surgery in January 2000. Since then, my life has been crazy with surgeries.

I have been through 15 big bowel surgeries and one of them went so wrong – they put an epidural in the wrong spot-  that I had nerve damage and a part of my leg became paralysed. I also had a lot of fistulas and surgery for that.

In 2010, I had to have an ostomy bag, and at the same time they found out I had diabetes. They believed it was a type 1.5 also called LADA Latent Autoimmune Diabetes Adulthood. But after a fail blood test, where they were not sure, they decided it was a Type 2.

I struggled a lot with way too high blood sugars because of my IBD, and I could not control it. Then in 2014, a new doctor thought it was strange for a type 2 to have such high blood sugars, so he took another blood sample and it showed up as Type 1.5, so now I had to inject insulin, like a Type 1.

I have 3 autoimmune diseases now. IBD, Type 1.5 and mild psoriasis. It’s often that if you have one, you can get more. BUT! Life is great after all. I am happily married and I have a great and beautiful daughter who is 14 years old now️. I have an electric small scooter that I totally blinged, that’s just me. BLING makes me happy every day and everywhere I go.

When I had to start injecting insulin many times a day, I decided to make “Bling Your Pen,” a small case for your insulin pen. I loved it! And so did a lot of others. Especially children, teens and women! Lyfebulb has made such a big difference for me, loving the “Bling Your Pen” just as much as me, and choosing to help me make it real on the Market Place. I am so HAPPY!

I choose to make it a good day every day, even though I am very sick now, and in the hospital almost 20-30 % of my life for pain treatment.

 I will continue to try and make a positive difference in the world as long as I live. So far, the world is also giving so much back to me.

My motto is: Don’t worry be happy! And “Bling Your Pen!”

All About That Positivity


We all sometimes find ourselves feeling a little down. Homesickness, stress, and many other reasons can lead one to feel a little saddened or perhaps lacking in enthusiasm. It is during these times that I find having a certain hobby or activity, can really help turn things around. For some that activity is drawing, reading, cooking, etc. There are a variety of hobbies out there that you can try and I believe it is important to find that one thing that will always put a smile on your face. So here are my five suggestions for simple things that can perhaps help you out next time you find yourself a little down.

1. Watch a movie or t.v. show from your childhood.

There is something comforting about watching one of those classic films or shows that you grew up on, whether it is a classic Disney movie or saturday morning cartoons.

2. Do something artistic.

Art has a certain element to it that allows it to serve as the perfect method of expression, and sometimes what we really need most is a way to express our feelings. Whether you participate in one of those paint night sessions or do some arts & crafts at home, doing something that requires you to engage and think will help get your mind off other things.

3. Take a walk.

I once learned that something as minor as a small change of scenery could help one feel a little more positive. Next time the stress is getting you down, grab your comfy shoes and go stroll around to explore parts of your neighborhood that you rarely find yourself in.

4. Participate in a workout class.

We are often told that exercise helps boost endorphins and thus makes us happier, but I think that you can actually take this a step further. One of the best ways to enjoy exercise is through a class such as Zumba or yoga. When everyone in the room is working towards the same goal it can make for fun times, be more motivational, and you can also make news friends in your workout class!

5. Try something out of the ordinary.

There are may be certain hobbies that you particularly enjoy, but there’s probably many more out there that you haven’t tried. Try something new next time, whether it’s archery, paddle boarding, pottery class, etc. There are so many things for you to choose from and you may even discover a new affinity or talent!

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