What We Do

Lyfebulb is an innovation accelerator that bridges the gap between patient communities and the healthcare industry by working directly with patients and care partners to generate insights, build new solutions, and bring revolutionary products to market.

Innovation Challenges

Lyfebulb partners with industry sponsors to source user-driven innovation from our Community and beyond. We bring together top Patient Entrepreneurs (either live or virtually) to share ideas and learn from each other in workshops and panels led by curated guests. The Challenge culminates in a pitch competition judged by independent experts from the patient, medical and business worlds who choose the winner, who receives a monetary grant. Patient Entrepreneurs gain exposure to leading companies in their disease sector while corporate sponsors gain access to innovations that patients have identified as critical; post-event partnerships may also ensue.

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Community Activities

Lyfebulb curates multiple ways for our Community to engage with each other. Collectively, we raise awareness of the issues faced by individuals with any given disease, as well as share suggested solutions for managing challenges of that disease. We highlight innovation on the horizon to inspire hope as well as practical near-term solutions. We connect patients with patients and care partners with care partners so one never feels alone in this journey. Both in-person and virtually, the Lyfebulb Community is always buzzing and engaged through:

  • Live events
  • Panel discussions
  • Digital engagement products
  • Blogs
  • Social media

Patient Engagements

In solving for the challenging problems which come with chronic diseases, Lyfebulb believes that including patients and their care partners in the beginning of the innovation cycle is the best way to get to the solutions required to market at scale. We invite our Community to be part of these critical discussions which allow us to learn directly from them in creating impactful solutions through:

  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • User testing
  • Surveys
  • Research / insight mapping
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Lyfebulb bridges the gap between patient communities and the healthcare industry. In doing so, we partner with sponsors (pharmaceutical companies, health plans, and any others who are interested in getting closer to patients and their needs) who are looking to solve intelligent and critical problems for their patient community. We bring together our sponsors with patient organizations, patients, and care partners to identify the unmet needs of the disease area and partner with them to solve for those challenges

If you are a healthcare company looking to partner with us, please contact us below.

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