New Workout App for People With Diabetes – And Christel is an Instructor!

Have you ever dreamt of working out with a trainer who understands diabetes, who might even live with diabetes, and who gets what it takes to get through a workout without wonky blood sugars?

Well, that trainer could be me!

Today, my 12-week fitness program “STRONGER”, that I developed for GlucoseZone, is available in the GlucoseZone app. I’d like to personally invite you to come train with me. To join me for a program that will push you to be a stronger version of yourself.

Sign up HERE and use the “STRONGER” code to get 30% off your monthly subscription

The beauty of joining GlucoseZone is that you’ll get access to not only my program but to 6 other exercise programs, as well as live workouts, all developed specifically for people living with diabetes. You can do all of the workouts in your own home or bring it to the gym.

Regardless of your fitness level, you can find qualified instructors to take you through the workouts that are right for you, and always with your diabetes in mind.

One of the reasons why I’m so excited about working with GlucoseZone is that it’s the first-ever clinically validated digital exercise therapeutic for people living with diabetes, and it’s endorsed by the American Diabetes Association.

Stronger Getting Started

Sign up HERE and use the “STRONGER” code to get 30% off the monthly retail (You’ll only pay $9.09 per month) when you sign up for the GlucoseZone app.


Connect with Christel on Facebook: @DiabetesStrong; Instagram: @diabetesstrong_ig.

The 8 best healthy food delivery services in the UK


I'm supplementing my twice daily frozen meals from Springbox.me with an egg breakfast and protein rich evening meal.
Springbox provides delicious frozen meals – I’m supplementing my twice daily frozen meals from Springbox.me with an egg breakfast and protein rich evening meal.

What’s the deal? Springbox is a keep-it-simple food delivery service with nutritious and balanced meals cooked by Michelin-star chefs best used as a healthy back-up option to fill in the gaps when you can’t be bothered to cook.

Where do they deliver? Springbox delivers to the whole of the UK.

How good is the food? The meals are consistent and well prepared, there’s plenty of variety in the menu and the ingredients are of a high quality. It’s worth remembering that this is a frozen food delivery service – if you’re looking for refrigerated delivery services look elsewhere – but if you need the convenience of frozen food which you can reheat whenever you like, you can’t go wrong with Springbox.

How healthy do you feel? We were using Springbox to try and lose weight, and we achieved over a stone of weight loss over three months in part thanks to the Springbox meals. It’s very useful having a healthy, filling meal available at all times so you don’t stray.

How much does it cost? Springbox meals range between about £6 and £9 per meal depending on how many you order and how regularly you pay.

Who does Springbox work for? If you’ve already got a healthy diet, cook your own meals regularly, or eat out often, Springbox is a great supplementary option to fill in the gaps when you can’t be bothered to cook.

The Pure Package

What’s the deal? The gourmet cousin of the delivered-to-your-door diet plan family. A variety of menus are available for a variety of goals, including weight loss, training support, detoxes and a “Japanese Body Boost”. Not sure which one is for you? The Pure Package also provide an individual consultation with a nutritionist to tailor your diet to your exact needs.

Where do they deliver? The Pure Package is London based only, with a few postcodes outside the M25 also included. Give them a call if you’re not sure.

How good is the food? As advised by the nutritionist, we tested out the Paleo Inspired diet plan, nutrient dense and low carb. In general, the meals are excellent. The crayfish, red pepper, cauliflower rice and coriander salad was packed full of crayfish, which soothed a carb-fiend’s shock at finding that the cauliflower rice wasn’t actually rice. The dinners are also fabulous, generous portions packed full of veggies and meat – all the good stuff, no filler. The portions are a little smaller on the breakfast which was surprising, but a good snacking selection makes up for it. The sugar snap peas came with an artichoke and bean dip that we could have eaten by the spoonful, and the package is worth it just for your weekly dose of a quite ridiculously fantastic chocolate mousse.

How healthy do you feel? Pretty clean and lean. A little more peckish on some days than others – craving carves at 3pm on one day, but not feeling the need to eat the afternoon snack on the next. Given a little more time, however, I’d guess that the nutritionist had got it just right as I felt considerably less bloated by the end of the third day and with a tad more energy.

How much does it cost? A fair amount. A full programme (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 10 days comes out at £44.95 per day. Whack the order up to 90 days and you’re looking at £35.95 per day.

Who does The Pure Package work for? Nutrition conscious folk – or those with tricky dietary requirements – looking for a completely personal (and tasty) dietary overhaul.

Mindful Chef

What’s the deal? Mindful Chef is from the Do-It-Yourself vein of food delivery services, but with a healthy twist. Recipes and all their constituent ingredients are delivered to your door, with options for 1 person, 2 person or 4 person bundles available. The good-for-you touch? All recipes are gluten free and skip the refined carbs like pasta, bread and white rice.

Where do they deliver? Nationwide, including Scotland, every Monday between 9am and 5pm (the cool bag is designed to keep your food cool for up to 36 hours, if you’re lacking a fridge at work). Sunday delivery between 3pm and 8pm is available for those within the M25.

How good is the food? For budding chefs who want half the work done for them, or seasoned cooks who are just looking for a little bit of ease, Mindful Chef has it covered. Eating out of a little black plastic tray can lose its novelty after a while: home-cooked food just tastes better. “Not with my cooking”, you say? If your culinary skills are lacking, Mindful Chef recipes are about as fool proof as they come, with all the herbs and spices measured out for you for perfect flavour. With 253 seriously good recipes on rotation, you’re not going to get bored any time soon.

How much does it cost? £9 per portion for a 1 person box, £7 per portion for a 2 person box and £6 per portion for a 4 person box.

How healthy do you feel? Your portion control will be on point as Mindful Chef only sends exactly as much as you need per meal (no wastage either). The produce is, as you can expect, as…

5 Healthy Green Vegetables to Speed Your Weight Loss Efforts

Are you looking for a quick and completely natural solution to shedding those unwanted pounds and keeping a healthy body weight?

Turns out there’s something you can eat in large quantities that makes you feel full, gives you energy, keeps you emotionally stable and, best of all, helps you to lose weight – green vegetables!

Not a huge fan of eating vegetables? No problem, just toss some vegetables along with a fruit (banana, mango and strawberry work best) into a blender, and enjoy a delicious weight loss friendly smoothie

Here are our favorite vegetable alternatives that work great in a smoothie:

  1. Watercress

Watercress is graded a solid 100% on the nutrition scale, by academic researchers together with the US Department of Agriculture.

Why? First of all, it has more calcium than milk, more vitamin C than oranges, more protein than most animal products, and contains all of the top 17 essential nutrients.

Watercress also contains alpha-lipoic acid. This is an antioxidant that researchers believe can fight off diabetes, which is closely connected with overweight issues.

In fact, Watercress in Germany is a prescribed medication to halt the progression of the nerve damage caused by diabetes.​

As it is relatively strong and bitter tasting, you may want to consume it in a smoothie while blending in some sweet fruit and vegetables like beets, cucumber, and peaches. Also add Stevia as a natural sweetener.

  1. Peas

Peas contain more protein than steak and eggs. ​Protein triggers the release of the fat burning hormone called glucagon, which scientists have demonstrated leads to fat loss, even in diabetics.

If you want your body to burn fat for energy quicker, or in other words to speed up your metabolism, protein-rich foods are the perfect solution.

Your body works much harder and requires much more energy to break down the proteins than it does to process fats and carbs. This hard word is the fat burning we’re after.

In addition, protein also helps you to build muscles, whose maintenance also requires energy and, thus, fat to be burned.

​Protein also makes you feel full for longer, so you can avoid snacking unnecessary calories.

In smoothies, peas lend a great thickness and creaminess to the smoothie when cooked first. They work well with watery vegetables like lettuce and spinach.

  1. Spinach

In a recent study, Swedish researchers gave women spinach extract to eat in the mornings, and they lost 30% more weight than their peers! They said that they did not feel hungry or tempted by the mouthwatering foods that they usually ate.

Scientists believe that arginine, found in spinach, can increase your muscle mass. Because muscles are so big and heavy, your body must burn a lot of fat just to maintain them. This fat burning happens even when you are asleep.​

Given its mild taste, it works beautifully with any vegetables and fruits. Apparently David Beckham loves his spinach because it is rich in fiber.​

  1. Stevia

You can get it in the shops as powder or drops, but it is actually a plant with green leaves you can cultivate in your backyard. The leaves are sweeter than sugar and is the perfect solution to sweeten a smoothie without adding calories.

A recent study demonstrated that people who used Stevia ate 300 calories less per day than those who ate sugar while feeling equally full.

Add half a leaf to any smoothie you think needs sugar, especially to the bitter ones. It will neutralize the bitterness, much as sugar neutralizes the bitterness of coffee.

  1. Green Tea

You may think of it as a beverage rather than a green vegetable, but with its green leaves, a vegetable is precisely what it is.

The main ingredient in Green Tea, called EGCG, has the most research behind it of all the fat burners.

It promotes the breakdown of fat into energy and it blocks the creation of new fat cells. Moreover, it tackles other weight gain mechanisms by improving good cholesterol and combatting diabetes.​

As a result, this is one of the best liquids you can use as a liquid base for your smoothies, and it goes along great with stevia for an extra sweet smoothie.​

Based on: 29 Healthy Green Vegetables that Actually Speed Fat Loss

For more recipes and smoothie ideas follow Dan’s Pinterest.

11 Ways to Boost Your Energy With Food

Food & Wine: 11 Ways to Boost Your Energy With Food

What to eat for more energy

When Health asked what nutrition topic you need help with RIGHT NOW, the response was unanimous: eating for energy! You told us you feel run down and exhausted, and turn to sugar and/or caffeine to bolster flagging energy reserves.

Bad idea, says Dina Aronson, RD: “Fatigue breaks us down physically and emotionally and wreaks havoc on the immune system, making us more susceptible to illness, depression, and even chronic conditions like heart disease.” Moreover, proper nutrition and the timing of what you eat can do wonders to make you feel alert and powerful, says Cynthia Sass, RD, Health‘s nutrition and weight loss blogger. Here, new rules for eating for energy.

Eat more iron from plants

Certain nutrients, especially iron, may help women feel more energized. Nearly 10% of women between the ages of 20 and 49 are iron-deficient, which can cause fatigue and impair physical and mental endurance. Iron is needed to deliver oxygen to cells, and too little has also been shown to decrease immunity.

A recent study found that over 10 years, women who consumed the most plant-based iron were 35% less likely to develop PMS than women who consumed the least. Great plant sources of iron include beans, lentils, spinach, and sesame seeds; eating them with vitamin C-rich foods can boost iron absorption.

Eat the right food combos

Sass says the right formula for maximum energy is: fruit or veggie + a whole grain + lean protein + plant-based fat + herb/spice.

She calls it the ‘5 piece puzzle’ and it’s the premise of her book S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim. “Balance is key; your body loves to be in balance,” says Sass. “Giving it less of something it needs throws things off, as does giving it more than it needs.”

Skip caffeine

Despite the health benefits of tea and coffee, if you’re feeling run down, cut it out: “Caffeine gives a ‘false’ energy essentially, because it’s a stimulant,” Sass says. “And after it peaks,…

New Online Tools to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

How Apps and Websites Are Changing the Way We Fight Conditions Like Diabetes And How You Can Start Benefiting From Them

In the last few years, technology and health have been coming together in a number of interesting and powerful ways. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than the advent of the fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are devices designed to be worn on the wrist (or sometimes elsewhere) where they can monitor steps taken, general activity, heart rate and other metrics. But, this is just scratching the surface. There are countless other online tools available now to help us lose weight, improve our diets and even sharpen up our brains!

Fitness apps tend to be considered mainly through the lens of weight loss and, of course, fitness, but their potential application goes far beyond that. For those struggling with illness or, for instance, at high risk of contracting conditions like diabetes, this technology may have an even bigger role to play.

With our modern diets so filled with simple carbs and many of us desk-bound for most of the day, type 2 diabetes is a life-changing condition that can affect anyone. As they say: prevention is better than cure. Most of us can benefit from technologies designed to help prevent the onset of diabetes then. But, this could prove especially pertinent for those that are at higher risk due to their family histories. Let’s take a look at some of the online fitness products that can help you to keep diabetes at bay and what this suggests about the larger role of fitness apps.


MYB – or ‘Move Your Butt’ – is an app available for Android and iOS. Like a fitness tracker, the objective is to encourage and track steps taken. The difference is that the app, created by developers ‘Sugarman’, turns this into a distinct twenty-one day challenge. This form of ‘

Barre Workout: 6 Reasons Why You Should Try It

Barre Workout: 6 Reasons Why You Should Try It

With increased awareness towards fitness and health, people are looking for more interesting ways to work out and lose weight. Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’, and it holds true especially in this day and age where we seem to forgo physical activity for the sake of convenience. In the last few years, we’ve got to see many forms of workouts popping up such as Zumba, Aerobics and Pilates giving us more reasons than ever to get fit. A new fun and effective workout known as Barre Workout adds to this list and is giving tough competition to them.

What is barre workout?

Barre workout, which has already been established in many Western countries, is a ballet inspired workout and is great for developing lean muscle mass while improving your flexibility and balance. A barre is an apparatus that ballerinas use to practice their moves and this workout style uses the same apparatus retaining the essence of ballet. The fluid movements of this fun regime promise to give you long and lean muscles and are slowly taking the fitness world by storm.

Looking Back at the History of Barre Workout

With a lot of moves inspired from ballet, barre workout was actually developed by ballerina. No surprises there. Barre workout was introduced when Lotte Berk, a German ballerina residing in London decided to combine her favorite ballet dance routine with her fitness regime after she retired during the 1950s. She opened her first dance studio in the year 1959 in London and included workout moves like ‘the Peeing Dog’ and ‘the French Lavatory’ that were coined by the ballerina herself.

Lyda Bach, one of Berk’s students reignited this idea when she opened the first Lotte Berk Method Studio in the New York City. Over time, different instructors and students started introducing their own versions of barre workout and opened studios to popularize them. Since then, the…

How losing weight can reverse Type 2 diabetes

Carmel Hewson from Cowlersley (left) and Susan Riley of Weightwatchers

Nearly 4m people in the UK have Type 2 diabetes and numbers are rising all the time.

However, the condition is mostly preventable and can even be reversed, as the stories of these two Huddersfield women illustrate

INSULIN-dependent diabetic Carmel Hewson from Cowlersley has seen her condition go into remission – by losing 5 1/2 stones in weight and adopting a healthier diet.

After years of ill health, 56-year-old Carmel says she’s now on the point of dispensing with insulin injections altogether. What’s more, she no longer needs medication for high blood pressure or painful acid reflux, can climb stairs without being breathless and has ‘cured’ a bad knee.

“I feel so much healthier and happier,” she says, “it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Slimming World slimmer Carmel Hewson before she lost more than 5 stones and reversed her diabetes

Carmel, a mother of two, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 14 years ago. At her heaviest she weighed 16 stones 6lbs (104kgs) and was a size 20. She’d tried dieting but found the weight always crept back. But in June 2015, alarmed by health concerns, she and her daughter Joanne, 32, joined the Milnsbridge Slimming World group and began a weight-loss journey together. (Joanne has gone from a size 16 to 10/12).

“I was on 100 units of insulin a day,” explained Carmel, “but now I’m down to 20 and my doctor says I could come off it altogether in the forseeable future. I know people with diabetes who won’t join a slimming club because they think they can’t do it, but you can.”

Carmel admits that she knew losing weight could put her diabetes into remission, but, like many people who are overweight, she had a difficult relationship with food. “I was always snacking,” she says, “on crisps, cakes and biscuits. The worst time for me was always the evenings when I got bored. Now I snack on fruit and I’m eating a lot more vegetables. I did used to cook, but it would be things like pies. Now I make Slimming World meals: I love spaghetti bolognese, KFC-style chicken and soups like butternut squash soup. I don’t see it as a diet any more, it’s a way of life.”

As well as changing her diet, Carmel also walks more and has trimmed down to a slender size 10/12. However, she believes the slimming club will always be part of her life if she wants to remain healthier. She explained: “People get to their target, stop going to classes, and put it all back on. I don’t want to do that again.”

Her advice to people with diabetes who are overweight is to take the plunge and regain their health. It is, however, important to take medical advice and monitor blood sugar levels. Carmel says she suffered a couple of ‘hypos’ (when her insulin levels were too high) during…

Drs. Oz & Roizen: Exercise, weight loss can help fight diabetes

I hear there’s a clinic in Canada that can medically cure Type 2 diabetes without bariatric surgery. I was diagnosed two years ago. Is this true?

—William T., Bozeman, Montana

It’s almost true. Because Type 2 is a chronic disease, when you have the disease down and out for the count, it’s referred to as being in remission, not cured; the reasoning is, it could come back. That said, a group of researchers from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, achieved a three-month remission of Type 2 diabetes for 40 percent of the people in one of their trial groups.

The trial: Eighty-three volunteers with Type 2 diabetes were divided into three groups: For 16 weeks, members of one group received intense, personalized intervention, including an individual exercise routine, a meal plan cutting food intake by 500-750 calories daily and treatment with metformin, acarbose (an oral alpha-glucosidase inhibitor that lowers blood glucose) and insulin glargine. They also saw a nurse and dietitian regularly. The second group received the same treatment for eight weeks. And the third (control) group received standard blood sugar management and health advice.

The results: At the end of the trial, participants in the two intensive-treatment groups discontinued their medications. In the 16-week intervention group, 11 of 27 participants showed complete or partial diabetes remission three months later. In the eight-week intervention group, six of 28 saw those results. But remember, this is a trial, not an accepted therapeutic approach.

There are solutions, however: Dr. Mike has demonstrated at his Wellness Institute and through online coaching programs that regular physical activity, avoiding the Five Food Felons, losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight and taking prescribed…

Slender Lena Dunham showcases her incredible weight loss in workout gear… as she delightedly Facetimes health buff Gwyneth Paltrow at Tracy Anderson’s NYC studio launch

She recently attributed her weight loss to Donald Trump’s presidency – citing ‘soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness’ in helping her slim down.

And Lena Dunham proved the Trump diet is working a treat as she showcased her incredibly slimline new frame at the opening of mentor Tracy Anderson’s studio in New York on Wednesday.

The Girls star, 30, looked thrilled to be flaunting her firmer form as she hammed it up with aplomb on the red carpet, at one point showing off her mobile phone after receiving a video call from fellow Anderson disciple Gwyneth Paltrow.

Scroll down for video

Phone a friend: Tracy's most famous disciple Gwyneth Paltrow put in an appearance via video
Phone a friend: Tracy’s most famous disciple Gwyneth Paltrow put in an appearance via video

Thanks to fashion’s on-going penchant for trainers and athleisure vibes in general, there’s a lot of popular sneaker styles around right now. But none more so than the ubiquitous ‘Creeper’ from Rihanna’s Puma collaboration.

We’ve also spotted the likes of Bella Hadid, Elle Fanning, Kristen Stewart and of course, RiRi herself wearing these too cool for school creepers, cementing their status as fashion’s hottest sneaker.

Platform sneakers are the perfect balance of fashion and function, guaranteed to elevate your look without the pain of wearing heels, so what’s not to love?

If you want a pair then clcik right quick as they’ve sold out in many stores! Or shop more from the trend in our edit below.


When she was recently quizzed over her weight loss, Lena revealed: ‘Donald Trump became president and I stopped being able to eat food.

‘Everyone’s been asking like: “What have you been doing?” And I’m like: “Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight”.’

Lena looks sensational in a slogan vest paired with bold multi-coloured leggings, which slotted in perfectly with her famously kooky style.

Far from simply flaunting figure on the red carpet, she also used technology to enjoy some company with superstar guest Gwyneth.

Skinny Girl: The slimline physique Lena Dunham showcased in New York on Wednesday is a far cry from her famously curvy figure she displayed on the set of Girls in 2015
Kiss goodbye: Far from simply flaunting figure on the red carpet, she also used technology to enjoy some company with superstar guest Gwyneth
Kiss goodbye: Far from simply flaunting figure on the red carpet, she also used technology to enjoy some company with superstar guest Gwyneth
A serving of Goop: As one of Tracy's most staunch followers, the blonde beauty looked stunning as she delightedly chatted to the audiences and Lena
A serving of Goop: As one of Tracy’s most staunch followers, the blonde beauty looked stunning as she delightedly chatted to the audiences and Lena


Jen Widerstrom Explains Why Weight-Loss Tips Aren’t Working For You

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve probably pieced through your fair share of weight-loss tips — perhaps some were successful and others were an outright disaster. But if anyone knows about weight-loss tips that work, it’s Jen Widerstrom, trainer on The Biggest Loser and author of Diet Right For Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight-Loss Plan That Works for You.

Despite the fact that there’s so much factual nutritional info out there, “People [are] still struggling with weight loss and failing their New Year’s resolutions,” she told POPSUGAR. “We know these things — we know protein is important, fat is better than sugar, we need to be drinking water, [etc].”

But Jen says “the application to the individual is missing.” She made the point that no single plan is going to work for every person. In her book, she identifies five personality types: “The Organized-Doer, the Rebel, the Swinger, the Everyday Hero, and the Never-Ever.” These individual personalities boast different “tendencies, triggers, [and] behavior defaults,” Jen explained. “This is an opportunity for someone who has a level of self-recognition and an understanding of their personality” to identify who they are and tailor their weight-loss plan accordingly. Let’s take a look at how Jen defines these personality types so you can see where you fit.

The Organized Doer

  • Organized and results-oriented
  • Methodical and decisive
  • Forward thinking (usually 10 steps ahead of everyone else)
  • Crave routine, rules, and planning
  • Limited nutritional variety — content with same old, same old meals
  • Love consistency
  • Great at reading food labels, counting calories, and measuring portions
  • All in or all out when it comes to diet and exercise
  • Self-critical and extremely hard on yourself
  • Neglect to celebrate your success or progress

The Swinger

  • Open to new experiences and adventures; very passionate about projects at first but lose interest
  • Social and extroverted; a fun friend
  • Communicate expressively
  • Require accountability
  • Swing between “treating” and “punishing” with food, depending on what is going on in your life
  • Always trying the latest diet, which can result in ups…

The once a day slimming jab that can cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 80%

A woman holds out her jeans to illustrate weight loss
A woman holds out her jeans to illustrate weight loss

A weight loss drug could help thousands of people avoid diabetes in the same way statins are used to ward off heart disease, according to a landmark trial.

The daily medication liraglutide slashes the chance of at-risk patients developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 80 per cent, scientists at Imperial College London found.

It is injected into the skin once a day and already prescribed on the NHS to help people with type 2 diabetes manage their condition.

But the study of 2,300 people, published yesterday in the Lancet medical journal, showed the drug was also very effective at stopping the condition developing in the first place.

When given to obese people with ‘pre-diabetes’ – those who already have raised blood sugar but who have not yet developed the full condition – liraglutide had a remarkable impact.

The drug uses a ‘twin attack’ mechanism to tackle type 2 diabetes.

By producing appetite-suppressing hormones it makes people feel full quickly so they eat less.

Simultaneously it promotes the production of insulin from the pancreas.

Over three years half of the patients taking the drug lost 5 per cent of their body weight,…

3 of the Most Effective Weight-Loss Tips, From Real Success Stories

Weight loss is hard. It’s not black and white, and it’s certainly not cookie cutter. There are struggles, setbacks, and times you might wonder, “Why did I even start? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?” But with these stories from women who achieved their success in all different ways, we can gain a strong sense of hope.

There’s a different approach for everyone, and each woman’s winning combination of tools is different. That said, there are a few common themes that we’ve noticed again and again, ones that you can implement no matter what your body type, habits, or goals. We’ve interviewed women who have lost between 25 and 225 pounds; their three best tips (collectively) were about movement, mindful eating, and support systems. We’ll let them tell you exactly how these things worked in their journeys and how each contributed to their overall success.

Move More

Though some women really went hard and opted for six or more days of workouts, not everyone needed such a strenuous schedule to lose the weight. It’s just about moving more. For Katie who lost over 200 pounds and Brooke and Hailey who each lost over 100, each of them aimed to reach 10,000 steps per day, tracking with either a Fitbit or a phone app. Setting an attainable goal that equates to just walking a little bit extra is attainable and can add up over time. In fact, it’s one of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s best weight-loss tips — and these women are living proof that it works.

“I have actually found that exercise replaced food as an excellent way to relieve stress and make me feel in control.”

If you’re already somewhat active, adding in some more workouts is key. For Kara (who lost 40 pounds), her key was variety. “I am a member at a couple of local fitness studios in our neighborhood that offer Spin, barre, yoga, and circuit classes; therefore, on the days we work our legs and booty, I’ll take a barre class with a friend. If cardio is on the schedule, I’ll take a Spin class. I work out five to six days a week.”

The more you move, the more it’ll become part of your daily routine. “I love working out and have actually found that it replaced food as an excellent way to relieve stress and make me feel in control,” said Hailey. “On an average week, I work out four to six times and try to keep it as fresh and engaging as possible.”

Eat Mindfully

Most of the women we talked to who had accomplished major weight loss attributed their healthier weight to more mindful eating and conscious choices. “Preparing meals at home is one of the most effective…

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