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PTSD is real…and weird

If you had asked me even a few months ago if I carried any PTSD with me …


“I woke up and without even knowing the outside world existed, I knew I existed. I knew I was alive, and I felt light and nothing hurt anymore.”

Overcoming Medical Trauma with IBD

“I remember trying to explain that I wasn’t feeling well and then downplayed it for just being tired because I’m used to doing that.”

Exercising With Chronic Illness

Exercising is a little different for anyone living with a chronic illness. Some workouts trigger flare-ups in autoimmune conditions, while others cause discomfort or pain. Sticking to a regular routine is also difficult due to the many challenges brought about by one’s condition.

5 Ways to Help Loved Ones Understand Chronic Pain

Sometimes one of the most difficult things about the experience of living with chronic pain can be feeling that your loved ones don’t understand. Even when loved ones mean well and want to be there for you, sometimes they simply can’t fully ‘get’ what you’re going through.

Orexo and Lyfebulb Announce Call for Digital Solutions to Treat Substance Use Disorder

Winning Entry to Receive $25,000 Grant  UPPSALA, SWEDEN, AND NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 17th, 2020: Orexo, …

Orexo and Lyfebulb Partner During Unprecedented Times to Help Those Struggling with Alcohol and Opioid Use Disorders

The first initiative includes in-depth patient research to better understand current patient issues and areas of unmet needs primed for innovation.

How to Stay Emotionally Connected During Social Isolation

In just a matter of days the world turned topsy-turvy. Last week I was in the Rhône Valley visiting vineyards for a work assignment with little access to world news.

Inside the Patient Entrepreneur’s Mind: Ryan Stoll, PhD

Managing a chronic illness is challenging, whether it is your own or a loved one’s. Starting and …

Inside the Patient Entrepreneur’s Mind: Chris Molaro

Managing a chronic illness is challenging, whether it is your own or a loved one’s. Starting and …