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Toxic Masculinity in Mental Health

We share very wise words from our Mental Health Ambassador Mike Veny


Diabetes tried to take many things away from Karin, but it couldn’t take her ambition.

What does life after a transplant look like for RuPauls Drag Race contestant Willow Pill?

“It tethered me to being alive, to something that had so much joy and life in it,” Willow said. 

Reflections on 2021

2021 has been a blur of a year for many. Some say it feels like an extension of 2020, but I tend to disagree.

Dealing With Trauma

of affirmations when I would have negative thinking come up

How to Prevent Burnout at Work

Posted on Mike’s YouTube How to Prevent Burnout at Work: This video focuses on how to prevent …

Paint With Me: Finding a Coping Skill for IBD

Today I talk about how I found what coping skill worked best for me to manage my IBD and my mental health.


Mental health is extremely important, and that’s why I’m talking about this even though it’s also very private and personal.

Having Friends Who Have A Mental Illness

Originally from Michelle on Schizophrenic NYC Do you have a friend with a mental illness? Odds are …

12 Things TO Say To Someone With A Chronic Illness

Originally from Two Being Healthy Several months ago we published a list (click here to read) of …