October 28, 2020

Lyfebulb Presents: A Conversation Between Two Patient Entrepreneurs in IBD

Watch the replay here:

Join us for an informal, chat-style discussion between two Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneurs who have created business solutions based off of their personal experiences with IBD. Jon Margalit, CEO & Founder of Complete Start and Danny Bernstein, Founder & Chief Product Officer of metaMe Health lightly moderated by Lyfebulb CEO Karin Hehenberger, MD, PhD. Both individuals really exemplify how having a personal connection to chronic disease can enable great innovation. Do you want to hear how others in the IBD community have created solutions from their experiences, as well as what the future of IBD innovation may look like? This event, part of our fireside chat series, will spotlight innovative solutions and adaptations, developed by patient entrepreneurs, in order to reduce the burden of IBD. We will be sure to discuss what patient entrepreneurship means as well as why individuals with a personal connection are uniquely positioned to create innovative solutions.