How To Move Your Senior Parent Closer To You

If your elderly mom or dad is unable to live independently, your options can include finding a private care facility for them, in-home care, or moving them in with you. If that move is cross-country, there are many factors to consider to make the transition a smooth one. Read on for a guide on what to do if you need to move your senior parent closer to you.

Decide How to Transport Them

Consider the comfort level of your parents when choosing how to move them across state lines. If choosing to fly them out, try to make it a direct flight for the easiest experience for them, especially if they are in a wheelchair or have other mobility issues.

Bring in Support Services

To provide the best experience, choose a companion who specializes in non-emergency medical transport services. This individual can make a long journey by air more comfortable for your parents and for you, as they can provide you with updates on travel and health-related details in addition to providing any required medical care.

Hire a Realtor

Be ready to step in and help your parent sell their home. They may not be mentally able to decide on a realtor themselves, perhaps because of strong emotions intertwined with the home or because of issues like dementia.

To help sell the home quicker, so that your parent can settle fully into your place, take the time to hire a real estate professional who understands your needs, who knows the market, and who knows how to negotiate to price effectively.

De-Clutter the Home

Like most people, your loved one likely has accumulated many possessions over the years, which may mean that their house is full of clutter.

It can seem overwhelming to have to take time off work to help your parent downsize their household. However, it’s much better to do so in person rather than leaving it all to them to do alone, especially if they are in physical pain.

As you work with them to downsize, be patient, as they likely have emotional attachments to many of the items. Pack the cherished pieces, such as family photo albums, and arrange to move them to the new residence.

Moving Possessions

Now that decisions have been made about what to pack, donate or sell off anything that won’t be kept. Use the money from any sales toward moving expenses.

The most popular ways to move belongings across state lines include truck rental companies, professional movers, and container services. Decide which one is best for your situation by weighing each option’s pros and cons. For example, experienced movers can pack, load, ship, and unpack the household items for you.

Ensure Everyone Has the Same Goals

Most importantly, do not assume that your parents and siblings all want the same thing. To align your goals, have honest discussions with them about the move. Taking the time now to make sure that everyone is on the same page will reduce stress.

If it’s not an emergency move, give your parents time to adjust to the idea of moving to a new place, leaving their friends, and all the other concomitant changes. Lastly, check-in with your parents at every stage of the move. Enjoy having them close to you to provide the best care possible and make new memories together.

How to Deal with the Common Health Problems of Aging

Age brings with it a wealth of positives, like wisdom and freedom, but it also creates a number of problems in regards to health. It’s true, people that are older face far more issues with their condition and wellbeing than youngsters do, and trying to deny that would just be a waste of valuable time.

Meet Up Retired Wellbeing Pensioner Workout Concept

So, stop denying and start fighting! You should be doing all you can to deal with the specific health plights of aging, as you don’t deserve for your standard of living to decline, no matter how old you are. If you ever find yourself struggling with a specific common age-related problem, then you may be able to find some help in your battle against it in the advice that follows.

Dealing with flu

One of the most common health problems that you will face when you age, particularly when you’re over the age of 65, is the flu. This is because your immune system will be as weak as it ever has been, and, thus, it’ll allow for a number of types of bacteria that can cause serious flu complications to gain easy access into your body. These complications include pneumonia, sepsis, and lung disease, so they need to be dealt with. To do this, having an annual flu shot given to you by a medical professional is an absolute must — if you’re over 65 and have an ailment such as asthma, you should inquire with your doctor about having the high-dose version.

Dealing with weight gain

Everybody gains weight as they age because of the natural loss of muscle and the fact that physical activity dwindles, so putting on a few pounds is nothing to be worried about. However, if you gain more weight than you or anybody else deems to be a healthy amount, then you need to be dealing with it. Not doing so will make your chances of having to face conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes far more likely, and you’ll be at greater risk of suffering a stroke or heart disease at some point too. So, make sure that you deal with weight gain when you deem it to be excessive by eating plenty of foods that are high in calcium and by partaking in exercises that use your own body weight, such as pushups.

Dealing with arm pain

As mentioned, age brings with it a loss of muscle mass, and this, along with an increase in the fragility of the bones, means that older adults are far more likely to have to face instances of arm pain than younger ones are. Such pain might not be life-threatening, but it can decrease a person’s quality of life no end and leave them facing agony day in, day out. If such an affliction was ever to befall you, make sure it was dealt with right away before giving it a chance to worsen — click here to find treatment options for arm pain, including using cold compresses and acetaminophen, that will work for anyone of any age, build and state of health.

There’s no getting around the fact that age brings with a host of common health problems. So, there’s no use in denying their existence, but there is something to be gotten from resolving to deal with any problem that comes your way.

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