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The room is engulfed in a warm sweet scent. There is that familiar aroma of melted butter and caramelised sugar that is always a treat for the olfactory sense. A couple of tactful hands are at play kneading the dough while some others sprinkle tiny bits of candied fruit. The massive ovens hum along in the backdrop as if indicating that they are ready to assimilate the prepared mixture. After a seemingly long wait, the doors are opened to reveal the baked goodies. Golden brown with generous portions of a maroon confectionery, the much-in-demand Karachi Bakery fruit biscuits are ready. This and much more is a customary exercise at the 60-year-old baker’s factory unit near Shamshabad in Hyderabad that produces three to four tonnes of biscuits daily. The franchise is fondly known as the ‘True icon of Hyderabad baking’.

As good as new
This bakery enterprise was the creation of Khanchand Ramnani, a native of Karachi in Pakistan, who chose to settle in India after the Partition. At a time when the scarcity of fuel for cooking resulted in deaths due to starvation, Ramnani ventured into the bakery business and he began making rusk and bread with his three sons: Hassaram, Narayandas and Ramesh. In 1953, brothers Narayandas and Hassaram chose to take a bigger leap and diversify the business into biscuits, cakes and pastries. Thus, Karachi Bakery’s first outlet was set up in Moazzam Jahi Market, one of the busiest markets in the city of Charminar.

The bakery today, offers a wide range of products ranging from biscuits, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, rusks, sweets, pastries, chocolates, snacks and artisan varieties of bread. It is managed today by the third generation of the Ramnani family — Rajesh, Harish and Vijay Ramnani — who are eager to take forward the legacy of the franchise. “In 1953, we did not have a manufacturing unit; we procured material from other bakeries and sold it. Then, in the 1960s, we started our own small production unit and eventually discovered our signature product (the fruit biscuits),” recalls Rajesh Ramnani, director, Karachi Bakery.

However, defying conventional business beliefs, this little bakery store decided to deliberately go slow when it came to expansion. The trio had bigger aspirations and they wanted to concentrate on improving their limited product base and build a strong regional brand first. And the recipe was indeed delivering expected results as its five-product strong brand in 2006 was gaining popularity not solely for the legacy but also for its quality. Karachi Bakery’s biscuits are hand-made and carry the claim of being fit for consumption for a month. Quality remains a cornerstone of the brand’s policy. Rajesh adds how his grandfather would say, “If you want to do good business, you have to retain the quality at an affordable price and thus expand your consumer base”. Today, its signature products — including the hugely popular fruit biscuit, Osmania, and cashew variants —account for 40% its revenue. The biscuits are priced between 125 and 499 for a 400 gm pack.

Once the ingredients for growth were identified and the brand was established, the company shifted focus to profitability. In 2006, Karachi Bakery set up outlets in different parts of Hyderabad — Banjara Hills, Madhavpur, Secunderabad and Gachibowli. “Hyderabad was and is a typically biscuit consuming market. Just how Mumbai is famous for its vada-pav and Kolkata for its fish, Hyderabad, after idlis, is famous for its rusks and biscuits. The Nizami food culture encouraged the creation of rich, dried fruit biscuits from which this market emerged and continues to follow a similar pattern,” explains Harish Ramnani, co-director of the company. In an effort to cater to this demand, Karachi Bakery’s biscuit collection includes butter, choco-cashew, badam-pista, coconut, and chocolate biscotti variants. Today, the stores in Hyderabad attract an average daily footfall of 1,000-1,500 people and registers an average ticket size of 800.

Spreading evenly
Once the city of Hyderabad was conquered, the bakery chain wan- ted to stake claim to the national market share. The southern brand tied up with marquee retailers such as D-Mart, Big Bazaar and also with a few local retailers across the country. “We launched new flavours and introduced the concept of British, Italian and US cookies…

How PepsiCo Is Transforming Itself Into A ‘Healthier’ Company

A general view of Pepsi And EMPIRE Celebrate Season Three Partnership With Viewing Party Of Musical Tribute ‘When Cookie Met Lucious’ at W Midtown Atlanta on May 10, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The primary driver of PepsiCo‘s revenues in Q1 2017 was its portfolio of healthy snacks and beverages. The company’s organic revenues grew by 2% in the quarter and Mexico and Russia saw high single digit organic revenue growth. As PepsiCo works towards transforming itself to adapt to the changing customer preferences of healthier lifestyles and aims to limit its environmental footprint, the company has adopted a motto of “Performance with Purpose.” In order to meet the evolving needs of customers globally, the company is shifting its portfolio to a wider range termed as “Everyday Nutrition Products.” These products contain nutrients such as grains, fruits, vegetables, or protein, and the portfolio falls under a broader category of “Guilt Free Products” which also includes beverages which have less…

Raw Bar: 7 Healthier Snack Bars

Our favorite energy bars may be free of GMOs and gluten, but they are filled with flavor!

Need something on the run? Make the calories count with these nutritious, organic and (mostly) raw powerbars

We’re big proponents of fresh food. But sometimes on the go, you need something quick and easy, like a snack bar. Some are frankly no better than candy bars, but others can be nutrient powerhouses. At the last Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural and organic products trade show, we hand-picked a selection of bars that are organic, raw, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, trans fat-free, and with little to no added sugars:

  1. BluePrintBar. The makers of the celeb-favorite fresh-pressed juice cleanse have created a line of rich, chewy bars. Our editors loved the Cashew Date and the Lemon Almond Cashew Date bars. They’re made with fruits, nuts, and nothing else.
  2. Bites of Bliss Superfood Bites. We enjoyed the…

Is cheese safe for people with diabetes?

Compared with many other foods, cheese is high in fat and calories and may not be an obvious choice for someone with diabetes. Cheese and diabetes can, however, be a healthful combination.

Cheese lovers can enjoy a wide variety of cheeses without elevating blood sugar, raising blood pressure, or gaining weight.

For diabetes-friendly meals or snacks, people should choose healthful cheeses and serve them with foods that are rich in fiber and low in calories.

Can people with diabetes eat cheese?

People with diabetes can safely eat cheese as part of a balanced, healthful diet. Just as with other foods, moderation is the key. A diet mainly consisting of cheese is unhealthy for anyone.

When selecting cheeses, people with diabetes need to consider a few things:

[Selection of cheeses]
Although cheese is high in fat, it can be enjoyed in moderation by people with diabetes.

Cheese is very high in calories and fat. Though calorie content varies among cheese varieties, people with diabetes should avoid overindulging in cheese.

Type 2 diabetes is linked with obesity, and losing just a few pounds can reduce the risk of diabetes.

There are several steps that people with diabetes can take to help them eat cheese without gaining weight:

  • stick to small servings
  • choose lower-calorie cheeses
  • use cheese as a source of flavor rather than as the main course

Cheese is high in saturated fat compared with many other foods. In small quantities, saturated fat is harmless and can actually be beneficial to the body. But excessive intake of saturated fats is linked to weight gain, high cholesterol, gallbladder problems, and heart disease.

The American Heart Association recommend a diet that contains no more than 5-6 percent saturated fat. That means that in a 2,000 calorie diet, no more than 120 calories or 13 grams (g) should come from saturated fats.

Other experts advise no more than 10 percent of daily caloric intake, which increases the amount of saturated fat, and cheese, that a person can consume safely. People with diabetes can meet this goal by sticking to no more than one serving of cheese per day.

The connection between saturated fat intake and heart disease is not as clear as it once seemed. An analysis of previous research found insufficient evidence linking saturated fats and heart disease.

However, people with diabetes are already at a higher risk of heart disease. As a result, they should continue consuming only small quantities of saturated fats until research provides clearer guidelines.

Until this time, the emphasis for people with diabetes should be to eat lots of plant-based foods that are rich in unsaturated fats.

People with diabetes…

12 Kid-Friendly Snack Recipes For After-School Munchies

Kids often need an energy boost after a long day in the classroom. Instead of processed snacks and junk foods, satisfy after-school munchies with one of these homemade snacks. Most of them are easy enough for the kids to make themselves!

Granola bars are a staple in my pantry, but between my husband, my kids, and my kids’ hungry friends, I can’t seem to keep enough of them in the house. After many trials, I finally cracked the code and came up with a version that puts all those store-bought bars to shame. What’s more, they’re no-bake and take only ten minutes to make. GET THE RECIPE

This quick bread makes the perfect afternoon snack for kids (or parents) in need of a chocolate fix. It has deep chocolate flavor, yet it’s not so sweet that it tastes like dessert. And since it’s loaded with zucchini, it’s a great way to sneak in some greens. GET THE RECIPE

This retro homemade snack mix is always a hit. The recipe makes a TON — perfect for keeping kids and their hungry friends happy all day long. GET THE RECIPE

When you roast chickpeas at a high temperature, they become crisp on the outside and buttery on the inside. They’re as addictive as French fries — and kids love them!…

Best office snacks for weight loss: Top 5 healthy snacks to munch on while working

There aren’t a lot of healthy snacking options around while you’re in the office and those hunger pangs begin tormenting you. The easiest thing to do is to buy a pack of potato chips to munch on, while you work in the office, to satiate your hunger. However, you’re most likely to end up feeling guilty for indulging in the fried and salty snack, that has already derailed your diet regime, numerous times before. But there are a lot of healthy snacks to remedy your hunger in the office.

A little extra effort is all it will take for you to start snacking healthy while working. Opt for foods that are high in nutrients and low in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates. A lot of vegetarian foods make for healthy snacks, that are also easily available, easy to store and carry to your workplace. You can keep a pack or two of these snacks listed below near your work desk, to prevent the need to indulge in any unhealthy foods. ALSO READ: Breakfast foods for weight loss: Top 7 foods to eat in the morning to lose weight faster!

These are the top five healthy vegetarian snacks that you can munch on, while in the office:

1. Gram or dark chickpea (Kala Chana)

Kala Chana with jaggery is one of the most widely eaten snacks in India. We all have winter memories of eating the yummy combo, while lazing in front of the TV, huddled together with our families. But minus the jaggery, the chana is a very good and a healthy alternative to an evening snack. It’s filling, delicious and nutritious and that’s why you can indulge in as much chana as you want, without feeling guilty. It’s a rich source of protein, fiber and iron, besides being an energizing food. One cup of dried kala chana contains as much as 360 calories, with 17 gm of fiber, 60 gm of carbohydrates, 19 gm of proteins and only 5 gm fat. The quantity of proteins in one cup of the food is about 30 per cent of the daily intake requirement of an average adult. ALSO READ: Best Food Pairings for Weight Loss: Top 5 super food pairs to loose weight faster

2. Roasted nuts

Almonds, cashews and walnuts are the healthiest snack foods you can have beside yourself while working. They are heart healthy and…

12 Pumpkin Spice Foods You Didn’t Know Existed

Admit it, you get at least a tiny bit giddy when pumpkin spice season (otherwise known as fall) rolls around. But Starbucks is far from the only company featuring the flavor—many brands have jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon and created their own seasonally spiced treats. Many make us wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner (hello, pumpkin-spice oatmeal), but some, well…we’ll let you be your own judge. If you’re feeling adventurous, try these seasonal (and sometimes strange) pumpkin-flavored foods.

RELATED: 17 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

We’re big fans of starting the morning with a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal. For a fast, easy, and seasonal take on this fiber-filled breakfast, Quaker has rolled out a pumpkin spice version of its convenient instant packets. Quaker Pumpkin Spice Limited Edition Instant Oatmeal ($8, amazon.com)

For another way to begin your day, chow down on a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats layered with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger. Though this cereal is high in fiber, at 6 grams per serving, watch your portions—it’s also fairly high in sugar. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Pumpkin Spice ($11, amazon.com)

Get a healthy serving of protein-packed Greek yogurt AND your pumpkin fix in one sitting with Chobani’s latest seasonal option. Oh and don’t worry, the fall flavor invasion doesn’t stop with the pumpkin yogurt—Chobani’s grab-and-go cup also comes with piecrust crumbles, crunchy pecans & salty-sweet glazed pumpkin seeds. Chobani Flip Limited Batch Pumpkin Harvest Crisp ($2, freshdirect.com) RELATED: 4 Things You Can Make With Greek Yogurt

Just in case…

5 Pre-Workout Snack Ideas For the Morning

Wake up early in the morning to exercise and need to fuel your workout? Go for a mix of protein and easily digestible carbs, which allows your body to stay energized during your workout without weighing it down. If you’ve got an early workout planned, then try one of these pre-workout snacks for the morning.

Morning Vanilla Almond Smoothie

This slightly sweet vanilla almond smoothie is mildly flavored while containing a good source of carbs and protein. Down this before you work out in the morning for…

An Enhanced Fruit Bowl

I am always trying to live my healthiest life, Like most, I struggle daily maintaining a healthy but hearty diet. I need meals that are quick and easy so I can grab or throw it together quickly.

This enhanced fruit bowl with cacao nips satisfies my chocolate craving and the coconut adds a hint of sweetness – making it my go-to snack.

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy snack as much as I do!


What you’ll need;

  • 1 small apple
  • 1 banana
  • ¼ cup pineapple
  • 1 tbsp. Chia Seeds
  • 1 tbsp. Cacao Nips
  • 2 tbsp. Unsweetened Coconut Flakes


Prep time: 5 – 10 mins
Total Time:  5 – 10 mins
Serves: 1 -2 people
Average calories per bowl: 200 


  1. Wash all produce thoroughly
  2. Cut produce to the desired size
  3. Sprinkle chia seeds, cacao nips, and unsweetened coconut flakes on top of your fruit
    *When I need a little extra sweetness I like to add a tbsp. of agave nectar or honey

All You Need Is 4 Ingredients to Make This Healthy Snack

Banana with peanut butter is always a delicious snack, and while we’d never want to mess with this perfect combination, it’s fun to mix it up a little. And this salty-sweet treat is only 114 calories.

Swapping out the PB for almond butter makes this slightly higher in fiber and calcium but…

Yummy Breakfast Idea: Baked Apple with Greek Yogurt


Creamy and sweet, this snack or breakfast idea only tastes like treat.

When the weather gets cooler, I crave apple pie. Maybe it’s because in Minnesota, where I grew up, we lived close to an orchard where they grew the most delicious apples (Haralson variety; developed by the University of Minnesota in 1922) and baked their own apple pie. Every October, we’d make our pilgrimage to this orchard and load up on bags of fresh-picked Haralsons and homemade apple pies. So now, I can’t even think about fall without thinking about apples and apple pie. And I pretty much can’t eat apple pie without a side of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

This healthy breakfast or snack idea combines warm, sweet baked apples…

Post-Workout Protein Balls — Just 3 Ingredients!

When you need a quick post-workout snack, something with protein and carbs, look no further. Made with only three ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, these protein balls couldn’t be easier to whip up. At 47 calories per ball, a three-piece serving is 141 calories and offers 8.1 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbs. Yet a serving is also low in sugar — just 5.1 grams.

Made with plant-based protein powder,…

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