Wendy Lyman

Wendy has been the daughter, the wife, and the mother of loved ones managing life with IBD in addition to mental health issues, substance use disorders, and autism spectrum disorder. It is through her caregiver experiences that she has become an unhailed expert in her own little chronic disease community. Having spent her career as a college educator teaching English as a Second Language (domestically and overseas), Wendy has also written several novels, translating them herself into Spanish. She also writes blog posts for Different Brains, an organization that advocates for inclusion, acceptance, and awareness of neurodiversity. Her newest life role is that of Navy mom, offering yet more opportunity to practice living the term Semper Gumby (always flexible). Wendy has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast production from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in education and second language instruction from Florida International University. She has now joined the Lyfebulb team to incorporate her passion for writing, learning, teaching, and connecting with others to focus on her role as IBD Community Manager.