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Mental health is extremely important, and that’s why I’m talking about this even though it’s also very private and personal.

5 Things You Could Give To Someone With Multiple Sclerosis

Originally on Damian’s Channel Our Ambassador Damian gives us 5 things to give someone with MS. Some …

Note to Self

So live fully, despite your limitations. Live happily, despite your fear. Smile from your soul, because you are an innately optimistic person

Heat Intolerance

“The sun, while beautiful, could quite literally be the death of me.”

Chair flow: Hard Days

Original video is on Rennie’s YouTube This is a Hatha chair yoga class with a dharma talk …

Having MS as an Asian comes with different challenges, often cultural. Trishna tackles these for us.

Original content can be found on The MS Guide’s YouTube Trishna Bharadia is a very well-known MS …

Hold on to the love, not the loss

You lose the person but once you truly and deeply love someone, you can’t lose the love.

These Parts: Intimacy & MS (Chapter 5) — feat. Dr. Aaron Boster, MD

Original post on Myelin & Melanin Intimacy extends beyond romantic relationships. Today we’re joined by Dr. Aaron …


These women right here, my MS sisters, have never left my side, and although our initial connection was that we all have MS, we could not be more in-tuned with each other if were sisters by blood.


“We all outgrow things, sometimes we outgrow people, and sometimes we need to make changes to ensure the most positive result living our own reality.”