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TransplantLyfe Chat Featuring Jacob

Throughout the whole process, with all it’s complex losses, Jacob says it is beyond worth it. He draws his inspiration from people who are doing what they love, living life to the fullest. 

TransplantLyfe Chat Featuring Amanda

Amanda received her first heart transplant at 15. While other kids her age were worrying about prom and which boy liked them, Amanda had bigger things at hand.

The Spiral into the Pit

I’ve thought of hundreds of ways to try and explain these fazes of despair and self-pity and all I can come up with is the age old cliché of the bottomless pit.

PTSD is real…and weird

If you had asked me even a few months ago if I carried any PTSD with me …


“I woke up and without even knowing the outside world existed, I knew I existed. I knew I was alive, and I felt light and nothing hurt anymore.”

Honest Thoughts on Connecting with the Transplant Community

The clock struck 2 AM, my face illuminated by the blue light cell phone glow. Visiting hours …

“My daughter was close to kidney failure, and when I heard that, she didn’t have to ask me, I told her that I would donate a kidney.”

My biggest fear before donating was that they would take the kidney and put it into my daughter’s body, and then it wouldn’t work. I was never nervous about the actual surgery or the recovery afterwards

A Therapist Who Works With Chronic Illness & A Patient Too: My Transplant Journey

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist associate in California, and I work with teens, young adults, and career professionals who are working through issues surrounding anxiety, depression, self-esteem, personal development, and relationship issues. But my true call to action is the work I do with those living with chronic illness.

Opt Out

On Wednesday 20th May 2020 the law around organ donation is changing to an opt out system in England. This basically means that all adults will now automatically be put on the list to be an organ donor.

Hannah’s Story: Heart Failure and Sepsis at Age 28, ‘It’s HER heart that keeps me alive’

I was completely healthy and unaware of what it was like to live with any sort of illness. I was the annoying person who had never been prescribed antibiotics, never went to to the doctor, and never needed any days off from work. I wasn’t sick. Ever.