Alan Gilbert

Chief Executive Officer 

Mr. Gilbert is a mission-driven Growth Serial Entrepreneur with an “up through the ranks” experience in the healthcare industry focused on the achievement of systematically improved outcomes and reduced costs across the healthcare continuum. He is involved in initiatives related to the Disruption and Positive Impact of Digital Therapeutics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in Improved Healthcare Delivery. He is also viewed as a thought leader in the areas of Accountable Care Solutions, Value Based Care and Collaborative Care and is a sought after speaker at industry conferences. He possesses a clear understanding of the current healthcare landscape, and has conceived and implemented strategies that resulted in new markets, new clients and increased revenue. Mr. Gilbert benefits from having a well-developed network of long-standing relationships at the executive level, with access and credibility to be viewed as their trusted advisor. Mr. Gilbert is currently the Chief Executive Officer at BeCareLink.