Alexander Börve, MD

Founder and CEO 

Dr. Alexander Börve is the founder and CEO of First Derm, an on demand tele-dermatology service providing skin assessments to users in over 160 countries. First Derm’s technology provides people the ability to submit pictures using smartphones of skin concerns for quick assessments from dermatologists. Prior to founding First Derm, Alexander practiced as a specialist doctor in orthopaedic surgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was a part of the spine team and a tutor to medical students. Alexander moved to the Bay Area to attend the School of Public Health, UC Berkeley as a visiting PhD candidate. His thesis focused on digital health and has thus far published 4 peer reviewed scientific papers. His development of teledermatology in 2013 was used in his academic research group. The platform has won numerous prizes in digital health services and is a focal point in his on-going research in the field.