Ali Arjomand, PhD

Allay Health

Dr. Ali Arjomand is a nutrition scientist, entrepreneur, and mission-driven business executive delivering impact through translational science. Ali is the founder of Modulla Health, an IBD-focused nutrition clinic, where he develops and delivers personalized nutritional interventions to IBD patients. These science-based nutritional interventions have transformed the disease course of Modulla’s clients, as they did to Ali’s own disease.

As a Crohn’s disease patient for 20 years, Ali received the best-in-class medical care, including steroids, biologic therapy, and two GI surgeries. None of this achieved sustained results, and, after failing his medications again in 2016, Ali decided to take complete ownership of his disease. He applied his science training in nutrition to successfully achieve remarkable, medication-free, long-lasting success. Ali is publishing these findings in gastroenterology peer-reviewed journals.

Before these personal transformations, Ali’s career path included scientific, strategic, and executive leadership roles at innovative, vision-driven organizations, including working directly with Bill Gates on global health, nutrition, agriculture, and infectious disease challenges. Prior to that, Ali founded Accium BioSciences, a first-of-its-kind research laboratory that commercialized innovations he developed in graduate school. Ali designed and conducted over 50 Phase 1 clinical studies for FDA review in partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and led an NIH-funded clinical study in glioblastoma patients.

Ali received his PhD in Nutrition and his BS in Genetics, both from the University of California, Davis. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and twin daughters.