Audrey Chapman

Simi Valley, CA

I started my health journey about 5 years after I was diagnosed with Migraine Disease. I grew up dealing with Migraine symptoms, IBS flares, and Anxiety but never got help with my hypersensitivities until recently. I have always lived an active and healthy lifestyle, but once my Migraine attacks became chronic in 2012, I had trouble handling daily stressors and could feel that I was not living life fully.  From that point forward, I made a choice to put my health first by being my own advocate and researcher. I delved into the chronic illness community for support and to share my story, and I’m so happy that I did! I’ve been able to make conscious choices that have turned into healthy habits that affect my overall well being. Because I choose to put my health, my mindset and my wellness first everyday, I’ve been able to cut my Migraine days from 15+/month to 5 or less/month. I now feel like I have a life worth living because of my lifestyle choices and I share my journey in hopes of helping others who struggle daily like me. Having support, empathy and understanding are so important and I’m so grateful to not only have this from my community, but to also give back to others. We are more than our chronic illnesses, we are wellness warriors!