Avery Nix

Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders
Gainesville, GA

Avery Nix is in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. Being in recovery means he is a proud father to his 7-year-old daughter and son who is almost 2 years old, and a loving fiancĂ© who shares a similar vision for their life together. He serves his local community in  several different capacities, as well as the state of Georgia at large, but his heart and soul rests in advocating for people in self-discovery and seeking long-term recovery.

He grew up in Clermont, Georgia, just north of Gainesville. In high school, Avery played football, wrestled, and ran track. He acquired many followers during these years and left an impact on his community. This began laying the groundwork for his journey to personal recovery and his career in the field of addiction recovery. Today, Avery finds himself advocating for high school athletes that struggle with substance use disorder. He has spoken on many different platforms, both nationally and locally, including WebMD, local newspapers and podcasts. Avery also arranges an annual flag football event to raise awareness for all pathways to recovery.

Avery has 5 years in continuous recovery. In that time, he has helped pilot and launch peer recovery coaching, with the GA Council on Substance Abuse, in the emergency departments of Northeast GA Medical Center. As of late September 2018, he took a position working with adolescents as the Director of Marketing and Clinical Outreach for Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents.

He continues to spread as much hope and awareness as possible for those in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use disorder and mental illness. His priority is to support those who need it most.