Avinoam Dukler, PhD

Managing Partner & President 

Dr. Avi Dukler is an entrepreneur and executive with global experience in strategy, product development, commercialization, reimbursements, and general management of worldwide teams, including Israel, Europe, and the US. Avi has managed biomarkers’ discovery, clinical development, and regulation and commercialization of two personalized medicine clinical diagnostic products. Dr. Avinoam Dukler is the Managing Partner & President of Glycominds, LLC.  Dr. Dukler holds a PhD in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University, Israel and is an entrepreneur with more than 23 years of leadership and global experience in biomarker discovery, clinical validation, product development, reimbursement, and commercialization. Dr. Dukler is also Co-Founder, CEO & President of Kepler Diagnostics, Inc, company that is developing and commercializing Samplla®, a proprietary dried-specimens technology.