Boaz Gaon

Founder and CEO 

Boaz Gaon is the founder and CEO of Wisdo – a mission driven company helping people take on life’s greatest challenges and opportunities, by relying on the wisdom of people who have been there. Wisdo was founded after Boaz’s father, formerly President of the Israel Cancer Association, passed away from cancer of the lung, blood and kidney (all primary cancers), bringing close to home the realisation that when coping with a serious illness – the road ahead is invisible, although millions have already earned wisdom that can and should be shared proactively. Wisdo helps people anticipate what and whom they don’t know that they should, when it matters – without even searching. Prior to founding Wisdo, Boaz was an award winning novelist, playwright and journalist. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics (MSc, Global Media and Communications) and of the Iowa Writers Program for international writers. He is the author of seven produced plays, two novels and three non-fiction books. In 2014, Boaz was granted a Fulbright award in recognition of his work in theatre.