Bola Lafe


Bola Lafe is the founder and Managing Director of Opus Innovations Ltd and a Director of TickleTec Ltd. Bola qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1992 but went on to enjoy a 21-year career in the Investment Banking sector based in London, New York and Tokyo. Despite a very successful international career that led him to become a Managing Director in 2006, Bola left to set up Opus in 2011, and became a Director of TickleTec in 2016. Both Opus and TickleTec are healthcare product companies that were set up to develop innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions that are of benefit to people, animals and the planet. Our focus is on diabetes, injection pain relief, infection prevention & control and ethical healthcare products. Bola was selected as one of the 2017 ‘Top 100 figures’ by The Manufacturer magazine in the UK for being ‘An Inspiring Leader’, ‘A Bold Investor’ & ‘A Driver of Cultural Change’.