Carlos Garcia

Carlos is a leading executive with over 30 years of worldwide experience in the healthcare industry and a track record of excellence in sales, marketing, and finance. He has served as Regional Vice President at Novartis and Eli Lilly around the world leading organizations to accelerated growth and expansion.

Carlos currently serves as Board Member of Skalar Pharma, Welwaze, and as Advisor to Es Vicis in Switzerland. He has also served on the Board of PAHO Foundation and the International Advisory Board of Baptist Hospital in Miami. Other advisory roles include the FIU School of Business, and e-Nova San Andres University in Buenos Aires. He previously chaired the Pharma Association in LATAM.
His main career interests have focused on contributions to expand access to medicine and care worldwide, including the End Malaria Initiative at Novartis and launching the largest pharmaceutical loyalty program in the world in Brazil. Regarding his own experience with cancer, Carlos says he and his family were lucky: his wife discovered an abnormal lump that turned out to be stage 0 breast cancer, but he knows that too many women still discover it too late. He says, “Working in early detection gives a name and a face to our purpose.”