Charles Mattocks

Tampa, FL

World Diabetes Advocate Charles Mattocks is a published author with the American Diabetes Association and a Blue Circle Champion with the International Diabetes Federation. Charles is also a multiple award-winning director and is regularly seen on such major shows as CNN, Dr Oz, The Today Show and scores more, not just in the USA, but across the world. Charles has also produced the first ever diabetes docuseries featured on Discovery Life every Tuesday at 7pm, titled Reversed.

Charles has been a force in diabetes since he was diagnosed 8 years ago. Charles has created many engagements in diabetes ranging from the first ever diabetes RV tour with Shire Biopharmaceuticals to being a key note speaker for companies such as AZ and Blue Cross to documentaries on diabetes filmed around the world. Charles has worked with many countries on diabetes programs, ranging from the Caribbean Jamaica to India.
Being the nephew of the late reggae legend Bob Marley, Charles has been a tireless advocate for the people.