Chris Pickering

Oklahoma City, OK

Chris began his life with Type 1 diabetes already in the family having three uncles and one cousin with the disease. At the age of three, he was diagnosed and began the lifelong journey of learning to manage his disease. After 25 years of living with type 1, he found himself in a dark place. This place led him to a suicide attempt. Fortunately, it was a failed attempt that ended his life as he knew it and set him on a new path to help others in similar situations. Chris started the Betes Bros Foundation to focus on helping men face life with type 1. Chris has a passion for helping men see that life is easier to deal with when shared with a like-minded community. Across the world, men have joined the Betes Bros to change their lives through sharing this community.

Chris has two children, Jet and Lilly, who are his driving force for a life lived serving others. Alongside his faithful pup Enoch, they set out to change the world one life at a time.