Christer Busch


Christer Busch is an MD, PhD, and senior professor at The Department of Surgical Sciences at Uppsala University Hospital. He is also the inventor of the STEPIT pedal device, which allows your to activate your calf muscles while you sit. STEPIT has been studied in diabetic patients in collaboration with professor Kerstin Brismar and Dr Leon Jonker, UK as well as professor David Bergqvist, vascular surgeon, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden. Busch specialized in urological pathology and was European Vice President of the International Society of Urological Pathology (ISUP)  1991-1997 President (ISUP), 1997-2002 Professor of pathology, University of Tromsö, Norway, 2002-2008 adjunct professor of uropathology, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 2013 Senior professor at the Department of Surgical Sciences University Hospital, Uppsala. Busch has published over 240 peer reviewed articles, and has a background in thrombosis and vascular endothelial research.