Dave Acosta

Co-Founder of 


Dave Acosta is the Co-founder of EDC Solutions T1. Together with his wife Laura, EDC Solutions T1 was created in March, 2019. With a background in the firearms industry designing custom gun holsters, EDC stood for Every Day Carry.  Today, it is even more appropriate for T1D.

Approached by a close family friend with T1D about creating a custom holster for his insulin pump, Dave was inspired to start creating personalized pump holsters for more T1D patients.  It has given his family an opportunity to not only work hard, but to be a part of something bigger – opening their eyes to a whole community of people who fight for their health each day.  It is an honor to be able to give individuals creative license to express themselves through customizing something so personal. Dave and his family put heart and soul into every aspect of what they do.

Hearing customers’ stories inspires them to continue to grow every single day.  Dave and his family love what they do, and love customizing something that is unique as the individual wearing it.  They are continually looking into the future and how they can continue to create and make life managing this disease less cumbersome for those with T1D and other challenges.