David Schoen

Co-Founder & CEO 

David Schoen is the Co-Founder and CEO of GI Trak. As a Crohn’s patient since he was 8 years old, David understands the frustrations of navigating through life while trying to manage and control the disease. He founded GI Trak as a way to bridge the patient-provider communication divide by providing a virtual clinic for all IBD needs. David brings with him over 15 years of business experience in management, sales, and business development. Before founding GI Trak, he co-founded higher education programs in Israel geared towards undereducated individuals to help guide and matriculate them into universities and the workforce.

In his free time, David volunteers at the Jewish Crohn’s & Colitis Support Group, which helps connect IBD patients with the proper doctors and helps guide patients through the effects of the disease. David is also an advisor of another startup, Trufyx, where he uses his experience as a founder to help advance the company through its early stages. Using his real-life experience and his vast network, David has bult a platform that is already a proven success for its users.