Denise Redeker

Petaluma, California

January 31, 2018 will always be a special day for me, as that was the day that, through the selfless act of donation, I received my second chance at life with a heart transplant. Before that day, I was told that without a new heart, I would have a year or so left to live. Now, I can do things I never dreamed I could prior to transplant; I love to hike and exercise, love to volunteer with our local Organ Procurement Agency, and my family and I started a nonprofit last year, Heartfelt Help Foundation that assists Bay Area heart transplant recipients with both sourcing and paying for the right kind of medically required post-transplant housing. Though this temporary relocation is required, it is, at best, only minimally covered by insurance and that is where we come in. All of this is possible, because of an organ donor.