Nick Housby, MD

Co-Founder & CEO 

Nick is a co-founder and CEO of Accunea Ltd, a medical device company with real time diagnostic monitoring products for organ transplantation.

Nick has a PhD in Microbial Genetics from University of Warwick followed by post graduate research (genomics/biotechnology) at Harvard and Oxford University. At Oxford, the research in Professor Sir Ed Southern’s laboratory led to the creation of the spin out company Oxford Gene Technology Limited. Nick went on to secure a fellowship in technology transfer at the University of Warwick and then to Manchester as a business consultant to UMIC, mentoring entrepreneurs and commercial development of the bioincubator. This was followed by heading up the business group at Warwick HRI (2008) and the creation of Warwick Enterprise Park for provision of incubation facilities. Nick held several senior level positions as Scientist, CEO, NED, investor and Chairman in several start up enterprises such as the Oxford University startup Oxagen (Human Genetics, 2003) Novolytics (antimicrobial therapeutics, 2010), BioMimox (peptide aptamers, 2014), Arcamis (business consulting, 2010), and has served as the Director of Business Development at OBN (2012). Nick has raised significant public, private, VC and business angel funding (Beer and Partners, 2013) for several businesses (multiple £M) and was a coach for the Growth Accelerator programme. Recently Nick created the Molecular Diagnostics Centre within the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, building self-sustainability models and international collaborations and partnerships. Nick also led the successful bid to become the Oxford Genomics Medicine Centre and the Director of the Programme. Nick is a current member of the Diagnostics Advisory Council in Oxfordshire; has advised on Genomics products for ThermoFisher; was a lecturer at MIB (Manchester) in genomics; and graduated (2016) with a PGDiP in Strategy and Innovation from the Said Business School in Oxford.