Dr. Thierry Desjardins, MD

Surgisafe Ltd

Thierry Desjardins, the CEO and Co-founder of Surgisafe Ltd, has been a qualified Neurosurgeon since 1995. Throughout his years of surgical experience, he has focused primarily on minimally invasive techniques whilst also taking an active role in international conferences (Europe, Middle East, China, etc..). This combination has put him in a unique position to be able to detect new surgical needs and his contacts in the medical profession have allowed him to discuss the product with qualified individuals in the best position to advise and judge it’s efficiency.

Thierry, along with his Co-founder Nicolas Veau (an engineer specialising in medical technology) originally identified the « smart Cannula » concept for CSF leakage detection then adapted the same technology for use in detecting abnormal tissues with many possible applications (cancer, endometriosis, etc…).