Elliot Bennet


I’m 16 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago. Born in London and the eldest of three brothers, I lived in London for many years and later moved to Stockholm. The diagnosis was a severe shock at first and it took a long time to fully accept it. I was very frightened to go to school a week later, being fully responsible for managing the diabetes on my own.

I am a very detailed-oriented person and have managed to keep my long term BG at a very good level. I really want to help other young people to live with Type 1 diabetes. We all want to fit in and be like everyone else, but sometimes it might be better to just be you. The need to raise awareness about T1D is close to my heart as well as the obstacles and hard work this means for us and our families everyday. In addition, I want to raise awareness in the schooling system because a lot more needs to be done so that students with Type 1 diabetes are able to reach their full academic potential. I am a straight-A student, but I have clearly noticed that Type 1 diabetes requires a lot more focus to maintain a high academic performance. My biggest hobby is coding and my dream is to go to MIT, work in the technology sector and develop the next generation of diabetes technology.

On my Instagram account (t1d_on_the_prowl) you will find my advice for daily situations, but I also want to make my followers smile and feel that they’re not alone.